Justin Bieber Beats Beyoncé On Twitter! How Many Tweets Per Minute Did His DUI Arrest Spark?!?

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A secret album is just no match for a pop star’s DUI arrest!

Sorry Beyoncé, but it’s true.

Justin Bieber’s bust behind the wheel yesterday in Florida had the whole world talking, especially on Twitter!

After the 19-year-old’s totes adorbs mugshot hit the web, people began tweeting about it at a staggering 6,100 tweets per minute!

Compare that to December when Bey dropped her self-titled surprise album, which spiked 5,300 tweets per minute!

Well, Biebs may have won this Twitter battle, but rest assure, if Beyoncé were to ever get arrested (and we hope it never ever happens!), she’d literally blow up the internet!

She’d look great in orange though…right??


Jan 24, 2014 5:15pm PDT

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