Justin Bieber Is Going Full Tom Cruise, Proclaims To Fans ‘I’m Engaged, I’m Engaged’!

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Justin Bieber isn’t just happy about his engagement to Hailey Baldwin; he’s getting dangerously close to delirious!

The Baby singer was spotted out in Brooklyn with his fiancée on Friday, where a couple fans were thrilled to meet the newly betrothed couple.

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But Justin (who also only just started following his future bride on Instagram btw) may have been even more excited than they were!

One fan told Us Weekly:

“They both seemed so happy. Justin was in such a good mood today. When we met him he kept saying, ‘Guys, I’m engaged. I’m engaged! Can you believe it? I’m so happy!'”

Y’all see what we mean??

Seems a little bit like when Tom Cruise got engaged to Katie Holmes, right? Just a bit??

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The fan continued:

“He said new music with DJ Khaled coming soon. He let us touch his hair. We didn’t really talk to Hailey much, but she was sweet!”

A second onlooker said “they seemed really happy together” and agreed The Biebs couldn’t stop gushing:

“Justin kept saying to me that he couldn’t believe he was engaged to the love of his life.”

Def sounds like he’s in love to us!

What do YOU think Justin sounds like??

[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram/Harpo Productions/YouTube.]

Jul 13, 2018 7:31pm PST

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