Justin Bieber & His Security Goons Played Monkey In The Middle With Paparazzo & His Camera!

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Like the ghosts of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, Justin Bieber and the paparazzi just can’t make peace!

Around 4 am Wednesday morning, a cameraman snapped pictures of The Biebs chillaxing outside The Hit Factory — a recording studio in Miami.

The Crowned Prince of Pop’s security detail didn’t take kindly to the unauthorized photos! In fact, they snatched the dude’s camera right up!

Thankfully for the startled shutterbug, he was prudent enough to record the whole incident!

An audio recording of the event proves the paparazzo BEGGED and PLEADED for the safe return of his expensive equipment, but Justin wasn’t feeling especially benevolent!

The Boyfriend singer forced the dude to whine for well over a minute before eventually giving in!

Finally, Justin coldly responded:

“Alright, alright. I’m gonna give you your camera back. I’m gonna take your SIM card though.”

Yikes!!! His Holy Bieberoni had several run-ins with photographers before, this is just the latest in an emerging trend!

It’s true what they say: When you play the game of Biebs, you either win or you lose your SIM card!!

The 19-year-old entertainer’s peeps are declining to comment.

[Image via tumblr/Joffrey Bieber.]

Jun 6, 2013 4:14pm PDT

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