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Ozempic Didn't Work At All For Kandi Burruss -- And It REALLY Messed With Her Mentally!

Ozempic Didn't Work At All For Kandi Burruss -- And It REALLY Messed With Her Mentally!

Kandi Burruss was all ready to lose a little bit of weight after beginning a regimen on the type 2 diabetes approved prescription weight loss drug Ozempic… but that’s not how it worked out!

This week, the 48-year-old reality TV veteran popped up on PageSix‘s Virtual Realti-Tea podcast and opened up about deciding to take Ozempic. As you no doubt know, Ozempic is one of the brand names for the medication semaglutide — also known as Wegovy — which works on satiety signals sent in a person’s brain when it comes to eating and feeling full. Lots of people, including many with type 2 diabetes, have taken Ozempic to great success in weight loss. But it didn’t work at ALL for the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum! And in fact, it was such a fail that it actually started to impact her mental health! Oh, no!

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On the podcast, the Xscape singer explained how she tried Ozempic last year in a bid to drop some pounds:

“Last year, I tried it. I saw so many people who were trying it and losing weight. So I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to try this.’ And I didn’t lose any weight.”

No weight! Nada! Friends kept telling her “something must be wrong,” and she needed “a higher dosage” of it, but it was such a stumble that even her doctor was shocked:

“My doctor was like, ‘I don’t know what the problem is, I’m not seeing this in other people.’ It didn’t curb my appetite. I know some people are like, ‘Oh, I can’t eat.’ Not me! I was eating appetizers, a regular meal and dessert, okay? It didn’t stop anything for me.”


That’s not the worst part, though. Undoubtedly, the worst part was that Ozempic’s total failure to curb Kandi’s appetite and help her lose weight left her depressed and despairing:

“When you see it worked for other people and it doesn’t work for you, it makes you depressed. Realistically, it makes you feel like, ‘What is wrong with me? Why is it not working for me?’”

Ugh… we HATE that! Especially for somebody as bubbly and positive as Kandi!

But now, the music mogul is switching things up. Instead of relying on Ozempic to cut weight, she’s back to the basics: working out, eating healthy, and cutting calories. She’s also taking Hydroxycut, per the podcast chat, which is apparently working for her. The goal in mind is simple, too: get back to where she was last year right before departing from the RHOA cast:

“After I left Housewives, I was eating good, living good. Now, mind you, I was already 10 pounds over my desired weight at the top of the year. But then, when I announced that I was not going to do Housewives anymore, I was eating dessert every day, taking trips, just living it up. Before I knew it, I was like 170-something pounds. And it was not cute.”

And from there, she’s hoping to cut upwards of 20 pounds to seal the deal as she approaches 50:

“But I would love, love to overall lose 30 so that I can be into my 130s. I have this joke, like, I haven’t weighed 130-something since I was 30-something. It has been years since I felt like I was real slim and trim — slim-thick, as I like to call it. It’s been a minute and I would love to just see myself get back to that, to my best self.”

We hope it happens! We’re rooting for her!!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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