Kanye West New Track! Listen To Theraflu HERE!

Kanye West’s new song is SICK…LITERALLY!! He’s got the flu, ya’ll.

No one is safe in Theraflu; K-West drops names from Anna Wintour to ex Amber Rose and her new fiancee Wiz Khalifa.

AND he confesses his love for Kim Kardashian.

The sound is nothing that new or surprising from Le Egoist, but it’s repetitive and clean…not too overproduced, no auto tune to speak of.

YES! We hope this is an indicator that Kanye is slowly moving back towards his old tricks!

We understand it’s all about discovering new ways of doing music and progression, and blah, blah, but there’s no denying Kanye’s raw talent.

He doesn’t NEED to dress it up in all the electro-bells and distorted whistles!

Check out the feverish new tune (above)!


Apr 5, 2012 11:40am PDT