Kanye West Spent $85K On A Photo Of Whitney Houston’s Drug-Filled Bathroom For Pusha T’s Album Cover

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On Wednesday, Pusha T revealed in an interview that Kanye West paid $85,000 for his DAYTONA album cover, a 2006 pic of Whitney Houston‘s drug-ridden bathroom.

The picture was secretly taken by Houston’s family member as the deceased singer struggled with drug addiction. The room allegedly contains a crack-smoking pipe, spoons, white powder, and alcohol.

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On Thursday, a day before its release, Kim Kardashian‘s husband — who produced the new LP — shared the image on Twitter.

As seen here:

While appearing on The Angie Martinez Show, Pusha T said Yeezy changed the album art (to what it is now) at the very last minute.

Although Pusha T was content with the original cover, Kanye was insistent on Houston’s image, and offered to pay the licensing fee. The former Clipse group member revealed:

“One a.m., my phone rings. No caller ID. [He says,] ‘Hey, yeah, I think we should change the artwork. And I like this other artwork. And this other artwork is 85 grand.’… I said, ‘Hey, I don’t want to pay for that and I wasn’t even going to ask you to pay for that. We picked what we picked, it’s here, it’s ready.’… [West told him,] ‘No, this is what people need to see to go along with this music. Imma pay for that.’ I say, ‘You my man! You my man!'”

Despite his initial surprise, Pusha T eventually warmed up to Kanye’s idea:

“I love it, I actually do love it. [But] I absolutely did not want to pay for it.”

The National Enquirer published the contentious image in 2006. It is unclear if Kanye paid the publication, or Houston’s sister-in-law Tina Brown.

Listen to the interview around the 1:00 mark (below):

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May 24, 2018 10:05pm PDT