Someone Please Remind Karlie Kloss That She Dates Jared Kushner’s Brother!

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Fans are wondering why Karlie Kloss just doesn’t have her boyfriend Joshua get his brother, Jared Kushner, on the horn to persuade Donald Trump to handle immigration differently at the border.

POTUS has signed an executive order to “keep families together” at the border, partially reversing his new “zero tolerance” policy. He said prosecution will continue for people who enter the country illegally, so we’re curious to see how this all plays out.

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Anyway, the 25-year-old model took to Instagram on Tuesday night before this happened, pleading with her followers to call their congressperson to support the bill, US – S 3036. She shared:

While many fans applauded Karlie for using her platform for advocacy (more of this, please!!!), others pointed out her connection to the administration that’s at fault in the first place.

Some commenters wrote:

“You pick [up] your phone! You’re closer to ending this nightmare than most of us #calljared #callivanka.”

“Isn’t your boyfriend’s brother Jared Kushner? Why don’t you pick up your phone and call Jared.”

“Tell your bestie Ivanka!!!”

“Call your brother in-law.”

Karlie and Joshua aren’t married, but they do have a lot more access to getting in Trump’s ear. Fortunately, the EO has been signed.

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 20, 2018 5:46pm PDT