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Kirstie Alley Is FURIOUS With Leah Remini Over DWTS And Scientology Shade!

kirstie alley leah remini feud scientology dwts

Kirstie Alley is a devout Scientologist, and when she’s angry at a former friend of hers (and former Scientologist), she’s going to fight back.

And she did! She’s totally pissed at Leah Remini for all the things she’s said about Scientology, and that was BEFORE she knew that Leah landed a spot on DWTS!

Now she’s twice as pissed, because that used to be HER gig! Apparently she feels “absolutely stunned” and “extremely betrayed” that DWTS would even dare to ask Leah on the show!

Apparently, she is:

“…livid that Leah made those comments about the church! She couldn├óΓé¼Γäót remember another religion being targeted and disparaged on Dancing With The Stars. Enough is enough, Leah needs to move on and stop talking about Scientology.”

Or, she could continue to talk about it, because it’s her right — especially if it’s still affecting her personally!

It’s gotten so bad that:

“If producers of the show were to ask Kirstie to appear on the show or in the audience this season, she would absolutely decline.”

We’re sure the show’s aware of everything, so they wouldn’t do that. Why put EVERYONE in an awkward position like that?

That’s silly!

Still, as much as we like Kirstie, we feel like she’s totally overreacting here. Leah’s not going after her personally or anything!

[Image via Cousart-JP/JFXimages/WENN, Insert via Michael Wright.]

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Sep 27, 2013 17:21pm PDT