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Meet Hollywood’s New Pamela Anderson: Pro Wrestling Personality Mayra Dias Gomes Lands Playboy February 2023 Cover

Mayra Dias Gomes Playboy cover

It looks like Hollywood might have found its new Pamela Anderson!

Playboy Denmark just announced their February 2023 cover star; wrestling personality and Brazilian bombshell Mayra Dias Gomes — who stated being on the cover of Playboy is one of her wildest dreams coming true. Sources tell us since becoming Miss February, the sexy Brazilian wrestling star has been bombarded with DMS and brand deal opportunities, receiving offers from fashion, perfume, swimwear and lingerie brands and even an invite to Dubai for brand activations.

Mayra Dias Gomes in Playboy
(c) Freiddo Efeit

Mayra Dias Gomes is a Brazilian bestselling author, model, and pro wrestling personality, best known for her role as May Valentine in the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), owned by Smashing Pumpkins frontman, rockstar Billy Corgan. She thanks Corgan for discovering her and giving her wings to fly by allowing her to enter the world of professional wrestling.

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Mayra Dias Gomes wrote her first novel, “Fugalaça”, at age 16, and became a bestselling author at 19. Her honesty in talking about various problems she faced as a teenager, such as depression and addiction, made her generation instantly connect to the book. She then went on to write two other novels and became a writer for outlets such as Rolling Stone, Glamour, The Hollywood Reporter, VH1 and MTV. At age 21, she moved to Hollywood, California to work as a music reporter in the heart of the industry.

Mayra Dias Gomes in Playboy
(c) Freiddo Efeit

One night, while watching a women’s match in the WWE, she felt inspired and empowered, and decided she wanted to become a professional wrestler. She moved to Las Vegas to go to wrestling school. A few months later, she was discovered by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, who gave her a role in his wrestling company, the NWA (the oldest professional wrestling organization in the world.) May Valentine, as she is known by professional wrestling fans, rose to prominence as the company’s backstage announcer and hot babe.

Mayra Dias Gomes in Playboy
(c) Reno Blair

She credits her recent successes to getting sober, and dedicating herself to the sport of professional wrestling, and says “it’s never too late to start something new.” Now celebrating over two years of sobriety, Mayra says she’s never felt more confident and comfortable with her sexuality:

“Being able to have emotional control, and knowing my wants, needs, and boundaries, has allowed me to live the happiest sex life I’ve had yet. I feel empowered, and to me, empowerment means knowing my worth, making my own choices, and expressing myself the way I desire to.”

Could she be bringing back the Playboy/wrestling connection? We wonder what’s in Mayra Dias Gomes’ future; following Pamela Anderson’s footsteps? Or WWE?

Mayra Dias Gomes in Playboy
(c) Karl Larsen

[Image via Freiddo Efeit/Playboy.]

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