Michael Phelps Continues To Say No To 2016 Olympics, So Stop Asking Him!

michael phelps rio 2016 no again stop asking olympics stupid

Is it just us, or did we already know that Michael Phelps wasn’t going to the 2016 Olympics in Rio for like, almost a year now?

That hasn’t stopped people from asking him EVERY single chance they get, because if he changes his mind… well, hey, maybe they’re the interview that will get that rare scoop. To us, it sounds like he’s just getting bugged about it!

He said this while accepting an award in Rio:

“It’s been am amazing career and it is crazy to think it’s over. But I’ve done everything that I wanted to do in sport. I love being retired, I can’t stress it enough. I am happy, smiling, and more relaxed. It’s something that I have wanted for a long time and now I’m happy that I can make the most of it.”

That doesn’t mean he won’t be involved in the sport in other ways — he just won’t be in the pool anymore!

We’re okay with that. We’re ready for some fresh meat up there to wow the world’s audience, so they continue to know that the U.S.A is the team to beat! Now if we could only get Ryan Lochte to tone down the bro (and have his country proud to be represent by him), we’d be all set!


[Image via WENN.]

Mar 19, 2013 1:33pm PDT