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Miley Cyrus' VMAs Foam Finger Can't Stop Selling Out At Halloween Shops!

miley cyrus foam finger halloween costume selling out vmas robin thicke

Has the world been DUPED?!

Was MileyBird’s entire sex-ah, steamy VMAs performance just an infomercial, put together by money-hungry foam finger lobbyists?!

No, that’s just silly!

Nevertheless, the trademark foam finger from the performance with Robin Thicke has nearly sold out in stores across all across our great nation!

They’re selling like hotcakes* because Miley Cyrus‘ titillating, twerking award show outfit is pretty much the easiest Halloween idea ever, but that costume wouldn’t be complete without a teddy bear (which everyone already has) and a foam finger (which most folks don’t keep around the house)!

*Oddly enough, hotcakes have not sold well this season.

As much as we loved Miley’s outrageous performance, we cannot officially endorse them because we fear Halloween shindigs might become over-saturated with her likeness! And we wanna see variety October 31st!

Why not be the one gal at your party dressed like a sexy peanut butter and banana sandwich!? Or a sexy Kevin Hart!?

If you are dead-set on wrecking balls this October 31st, however, hurry up and buy your FOAM FINGER now before they sell out completely!

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Sep 28, 2013 00:01am PDT

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