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Monkey Saves Other Monkey's Life After It Gets Electrocuted! He Legit Does CPR!!

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This video could very easily have been super disturbing… if it weren’t for the miracle happy ending!!
This monkey just refuses to believe his friend was dead.
In the northern city of Kanpur in India, a monkey was rendered unconscious after being severely electrocuted at a railway station.
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Thankfully the poor little monkey’s buddy was by his side and refused to give up on him!
He grabs him and shakes him and even does what looks like a monkey version of CPR!!
The craziest part is it somehow all worked!! The monkey slowly starts to come around!
If that monkey touched an electrified “third rail” we have no idea how he wasn’t turned into a monkey kebab. LOLz!
Check out the video (below) to see this hero monkey save his buddy!

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Dec 24, 2014 00:12am PDT