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Murder Suspect Found Stabbed To Death -- Allegedly By The Victim's Son!

Murder Suspect Found Stabbed To Death -- Allegedly By Son Of The Woman Cops Think He Killed!

A murder suspect has been found dead in what police believe is a revenge killing.

Per a press release from the Nampa Police Department in Nampa, Idaho, law enforcement were notified last Tuesday around 8:43 p.m. of a stabbing in the residential area of W. Grouse Street. When cops arrived to the scene, they found a woman suffering from several stab wounds and barely clinging to life. EMS workers tried their best to save her and administered life-saving measures, but sadly it was too late and she succumbed to her injuries at the scene. She was later identified as 52-year-old Michelle Luna (pictured above, left). So, so sad.

Details weren’t immediately released, but the NPD were quick to name a suspect. They said 39-year-old Jesus R. Urrutia was “known to the victim” but didn’t give any more reasons why they suspected him of the crime. Police did their best to attempt to locate Urrutia overnight, but little did they know someone else was one step ahead of them…

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Just 10 hours later the NPD received a call from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office with a tip — the neighboring county’s law enforcement had reason to believe Urrutia was at a nearby convenience store. By the time ACSO officers arrived to the scene, they found the suspect — but he was slumped over in a car in the parking lot. Upon further inspection, they realized Urrutia had a “sharp force injury wound to the chest” — he’d been stabbed. Just like his suspected victim. The engine of the car was still running at the time of the discovery — it seems Urrutia, barely clinging to life, may have tried to drive away. However, it was too late. He later succumbed to his injuries just like Luna had.

This case didn’t run cold, however; police knew who they were looking for all too quickly. Raul Alexander Cuevas (above, right), the 31-year-old son of Luna, was named as a primary suspect. They found Cuevas in a car near the intersection of Idaho 55 and Beacon Light Road. Per the release, he was taken into custody:

“Deputies collected evidence and talked to Cuevas before taking him to the Ada County Jail, where he was charged with first degree murder.”

Check out the press release (below):

The ACSO and NPD are still on the case — they haven’t narrowed down why Luna was killed in the first place. But they’re pretty sure in Urrutia’s case, this was the result of a revenge plot. They believe Cuevas was avenging his mother’s death by killing the suspect before police could find him. The case remains under investigation and the police are reportedly following “several different leads.”

You can watch more about the chilling case (below):

Luna’s daughter has started a GoFundMe to raise money for her mother’s funeral service and burial. If you’d like to donate to the family, you can click HERE.

Such an awful situation. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

[Image via Ada County Sheriff’s Office/GoFundMe/KTVB/YouTube]

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