NFL Penalizes Muslim Player For BRIEF Prayer After Scoring Touchdown — But Don’t They Already Let Prayer Happen Constantly??

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Husain Abdullah, safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, intercepted a pass from Tom Brady and ran it back for a touchdown Monday night.

Chiefs celebrated, the fans were going wild and Abdullah dropped to his knees in prayer in the end zone.

You catch that? Not knee but knees.

This wasn’t a single knee, Tebow-style thanks to god. Abdullah is a devout Muslim and his religious touchdown celebration got him a penalty!!

He was hit with unsportsmanlike conduct and his team was penalized 15-yards.

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But it wasn’t just the religious act that got him in trouble, it was the fact that he slid to the ground first, then knelt down. Sliding is a no-no.

Seeing as how something like this could easily cause backlash, the NFL quickly corrected themselves, with the NFL’s vice-president of football communications saying:

It was really reallllly smart of them to clarify that.

The NFL doesn’t need any more drama, that’s for sure.

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Sep 30, 2014 7:29pm PST

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