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MyKayla Skinner Releases ACTUAL Apology For Awful Team USA Gymnastics Comments This Time

MyKayla Skinner Releases ACTUAL Apology For Awful Team USA Gymnastics Comments This Time

MyKayla Skinner is FINALLY apologizing after those terrible comments she made about her fellow Olympians…

ICYMI, the 27-year-old gymnast has been in some hot water last week for a totally uncalled for YouTube rant about the entire USA gymnastics team ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics. She called out team members Suni Lee, Jade CareyJordan ChilesHezly Rivera — and the two alternates, Joscelyn Roberson and Leanne Wong — for supposedly having no “talent,” “depth,” or “work ethic.” Everyone but Simone Biles got a real slap in the face! OUCH! On top of that, she even went as far as to say the environment after the 2018 Larry Nassar scandal — in which the sexual abuse preventative organization SafeSport was keeping an eye on everything — was TOO SAFE. Oof!

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After all those comments she obviously got some well-deserved criticism, but quickly jumped on her Instagram Stories to save face. She claimed everyone was just misunderstanding what she meant and she was “sorry for anything that got out of context or seemed hurtful”. Yeah, not an apology at all. But now, a few days later, she seems to be taking another shot at it.

On Instagram Sunday the Olympian made a post where she came forward with a new statement. It read:

“Dear Team USA & our gymnastics community, I want to formally apologize to Team USA and to our gymnastics community for my recent YouTube episodes of the gymnastics Olympics trials. It was not my intention to defend or disrespect any of the athletes or to take away from their hard work. Your hard work and dedication has paid off and I congratulate each and every one of you.”

That being said, she went on to say she dealt with abuse from former Team USA coaches Márta and Bela Károlyi during her time in the Olympics, and hasn’t properly healed yet:

“Upon reflection I was comparing the “Marta Era” to the current era. I am coming to terms that I have not fully dealt with the emotional and verbal abuse I endured under Marta that perhaps led to my hurtful comments. I take full responsibility for what I said and I deeply apologize.”

Wrapping up her post, MyKayla sent well wishes to the current team:

“It is important to me that the sport I love continue down the path of healing and ensures a positive environment for all. I wish you all the very best in Paris. I will be cheering you all on! Go Team USA!”

It’s worth noting this post was NOT a video. No more speaking off the cuff. No, this was a well-prepared statement… almost like it was written by a PR rep! Just sayin’! You can see the full post (below):

What do U think about this new statement, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below).

[Image via MyKayla Skinner/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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