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New Test Could Help Doctors Diagonse Heart Attacks Faster

When it comes to heart problems, time is always the most important factor. That’s why an innovative tool is being developed to test for heart attacks faster.
Troponin is a chemical present in muscle tissue and a new test will be able to test levels of troponin in the body. The higher the troponin, the higher risk that the chest pain a person is experiencing may be a heart attack.
The key to the recently developed technique is its high sensitivity, as current tests for troponin are lower in sensitivity.
A recent study in Germany surveyed nearly 2,000 patients who took the hsTnl test and found 22.7% of the admitted patients had acute myocardial ischemia, making the new method 100% more effective than older tests!
We hope the doctors continue to work hard and help others live long lives with this awesome new tool for detecting heart attacks before they strike!

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Jan 01, 2012 09:00am PDT

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