North Carolina’s Governor Signs Controversial Bill Blocking LGBT Protections — Smh!

north carolina discriminates lgbt community

Not again.

On Wednesday, North Carolina’s General Assembly voted to pass a bill that eliminates LGBT protections on a local level and will enforce that students must use public restrooms that correspond to their biological sex. How awful!

Unfortunately, the state’s Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill into law later that evening.

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HB2 was passed during a special session and is intended to create a state-wide anti-discrimination policy that bans employers and businesses from discriminating against others based on their race, color, country of origin, religion, age, or “biological sex.” As you may notice, the new law offers no protection to those who identify as gay or transgender, and even stops local officials from passing their own anti-discrimination policies that may expand the new state-wide standard.

Not to mention, the bill very clearly prevents schools from allowing transgender students from using the bathroom that links to the gender they identify with. Smh.

On the controversial piece of legislation, the governor defended his decision on Twitter:

Obviously, state democrats weren’t thrilled by this bill as the liberal state senators walked out of the chamber before voting. Oh snap!

Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue noted:

“This bill essentially repeals 50 years of non-discrimination efforts and gives lawmakers in Raleigh unprecedented control over our city and local governments. North Carolina Republicans want to pass what would potentially be the single most discriminatory act in the country. This is a direct affront to equality, civil rights, and local autonomy.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

To make matters worse, this law now also eliminates anti-discrimination protection for veterans and prevents cities and counties from raising the minimum wage. This is absolutely ridiculous.

North Carolina joins Arkansas and Tennessee in the list of states who’ve voted against protecting LGBT rights! Is anyone else totally frustrated by this??

Mar 24, 2016 7:22am PDT