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Papa Lohan Speaks!

It took him long enough! He waited all of three hours or so since the news broke before speaking to the media.
You’re slipping!!!
Lindsay‘s fame-whoring father, Michael Lohan, is speaking out about his trainwreck of a daughter’s arrest earlier this morning.
Ex-convict Michael tells our pals at TMZ that he’s partly to blame for his daughter’s constant problems with drugs, booze, the law and her effed up relationship with men.

Lindsay’s dad said that he doesn’t believe that the 21-year-old can survive this latest DUI storm on her own, and wants to put the nasty custody fight with his estranged wife Dina on hold, in a last ditch effort to save their daughter’s life. “I want to withdraw everything — court wise — sit down with Dina as Lindsay’s parents and figure out how to help her,” Lohan said. “Lindsay can’t do this on her own … when we were together, none of this was happening.”
Last month, a Nassau County Family Court judge ordered Michael and Dina to see a family therapist as part of an ongoing custody war over their two children, Ali, 13 and Dakota, 11. The couple was also ordered to stop speaking negatively of each other in front of their kids and undergo counseling at a hearing on Monday.

When reached for comment, Lindsay’s hard-pAARtying mother, Dina Lohan, had no comment.
But, if she could speak, Dina would probably say, “Lindsay’s going back to rehab. I’m joining her. And Michael Lohan can fuck off!”

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Jul 24, 2007 11:26am PDT

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