Pitbull’s Global Warming Artwork Is Hot Enough To Melt Your Popsicle!

Pitbull Global Warming Album Cover November 19

Science is cool, kids!

Just ask Pitbull!

In what we assume is a plea to save our planet before polar icecaps melt, ecosystems collapse, and those damned dirty apes take over, our favorite Cuban-American rap superstar gave us a glimpse of his environmentally conscience new album cover!

Sneak a peek at Mr. 305’s sweet artwork for Global Warming (above), his latest studio album due out November 19th!

A super-heated earth? Pitbull emerging from the flames!? Not one but TWO drum kits!?

The dude is giving us everything tonight today!

[Image via Twitter.]

Oct 12, 2012 12:02am PST

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