BRAVO’s Tabatha Coffey Nearly Died From Breast Implants

Tabatha Coffey Reveals Botched Boob Job Nearly Killed Her

Aw Tab!

Tabatha Coffey is the Queen of mean salon make-overs on her BRAVO show. But when Tab tried to upgrade herself from her natural Bs to D cups, the result was disastrous.

The TV star says four days after her surgery,

“It felt like an incredible pop, like someone had hit me in the chest. I went to the bathroom and looked and my left breast was swelling up to my shoulder.”

The “pop” was an artery damaged during surgery had ruptured, now causing internal bleeding.

Tabatha’s plastic surgeon came to the hospital to treat her, but instead of replacing the implant reinserted the old one.

The doc used the SAME IMPLANT AGAIN (that’s three times!) when the bleeding continued and he had to repeat the surgery.

Tabatha found a new surgeon, who told her the implants were too big for her body and should never have been inserted.

But before she could undergo corrective surgery her wound burst open, and the infected implant began to fall out.

She was rushed to the hospital and the implants were removed, with a catheter left in their place to drain the wound for three months.

Today Tabatha says she has scar tissue and a lop-sided left breast.

That first doctor should lose his license!

Tabatha’s hope is that her story will stop young women from following in her footsteps.

Your story is sure to inspire.

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Feb 10, 2011 1:30pm PDT

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