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Abducted Jogger Sherri Papini Talks Details About Her Captors As Husband Reveals She Was 'Bound' & 'Chained'!

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If you paid attention to the news in November, you may have heard about Sherri Papini, the jogger who was allegedly abducted and went missing for 22 days last month in Redding, California.
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Well Sherri’s husband, Keith Papini, sat down for a 20/20 interview that will air Friday and revealed quite a few shocking details about his wife’s abduction.
On November 2, Papini was supposedly out for a jog when she went missing and didn’t turn up until 22 days later on Thanksgiving, 150 miles away!
What’s even scarier is Mr. Papini also said Sherri only weighed 87 pounds when she was found on the side of a highway by a driver! Keith claims the young woman was covered with bruises and burns and was even chained at the waist! WHAT?!
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But during the sit down, the young man gave some even SCARIER details on his wife’s experience the day she was let go:

“She was bound ├óΓé¼┬ª she had a metal chain around her waist. She had a bag over her head … she was chained anytime she was in a vehicle.”

At some point, the criminals stopped the car, “cut something” to free the woman, and then pushed her out of the vehicle.
The Shasta County Sheriff, Tom Bosenko, also mentioned that Miz Papini was “branded” by her captors as her husband elaborated earlier this week on GMA saying it was a message. Though the brand wasn’t a symbol, Keith said:

“I would think that was some sort of either an exertion of power and control and/or maybe some type of message that the brand contained.”

We’re not sure how Bosenko is going to feel about Keith’s 20/20 interview though seeing as how the officer stated on Wednesday:

“I think with some of the details he has provided it could affect the integrity of the investigation.”

Tom also recently sat down with the victim to interview her about the scary experience as he talked to the press afterwards saying:

“The interviews were very intense, for both the investigators and for Sherri, with her having to relive this traumatic event. She was cooperative and courageous during the interviews.”

Now that the two day process is over, the sheriff revealed the 34-year-old described her captors to authorities as two Hispanic women with guns. One of the women allegedly has thin eyebrows, pierced ears, and long curly hair. The other woman was described as having straight black hair and thick eyebrows.
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Mr. Bosenko described the interview process, saying:

“Sherri did her best in providing the descriptions but was not able to provide a detailed description.”

Though there might be some skeptics of Sherri’s story — because the Internet is the WORST — the Shasta policeman said there was no reason to doubt the woman’s story:

“All the information that we have right now, we have no reason to believe that she is making this up. We do not know if it’s related to sex trafficking or the reason for her abduction, or was she specifically targeted or if this was a random abduction.”

We can’t imagine why anyone would do this to someone and hope the police find who’s responsible for this heinous act!
If you want more deets on the case, make sure you catch the full 20/20 interview when it airs Friday, December 2, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC!
[Image via Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.]

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