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Meet The King Of Beauty: Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian!

Get to know Celebrity dermatologist Simon Ourian!

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of adoring fans who have been floored by the beauty of Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Lady GaGa, and hundreds of other celebs, then you have appreciated the work of Dr. Simon Ourian.

This Beverly Hills celebrity cosmetic dermatology doctor does the beauty procedures of so many A-listers and royals around the world that it is impossible to name them all — even if he weren’t so tight-lipped about it!

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Dr. Ourian runs a clinic called Epione Beverly Hills, and in the past few years he’s become a celebrity himself with over 3.5 million followers on his Instagram account, making him the most followed cosmetic doctor on social media.

For over 20 years, Dr. Ourian has not only greatly influenced beauty procedures, but he’s redefined international standards of beauty for all women. Originally a sculptor, Dr. Ourian has always been fascinated by art and beauty, and perhaps his most influential work to date has been the KarJenner family. Very few women have impacted beauty and self-worth standards like they have. It wasn’t just the body type that they strived for, it was their openness about the treatments they had.

Dr. Ourian expanded on that in an interview:

“A lot of women believe that you are either born beautiful or you have to accept what you have. Because beauty is such a powerful tool the secrets of our industry were very jealously guarded. The Kardashians and Jenner’s were amongst the first ones to demystify this and openly share their heavily guarded secrets with people. This has allowed people to see and feel comfortable with the treatments and give people the knowledge that these treatments do exist.”

Most of Dr. Ourian’s patients come to him for facial and body contouring, and skin perfection. He’s been praised all around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE where many of his patients travel from, for achieving natural results with no traces of work being done. This comes from over 20 years of working on the most high-profile patients of all time, and from Dr. Ourian actually pioneering the procedures and technology that leads the beauty industry himself.

Being one of the most influential authorities on the beauty industry, Dr. Ourian knows that his work has a tremendous impact on millennials and Gen Z’ers, as well.

The doctor noted:

“There has been a very severe shortage of self-love amongst a lot of women growing up. It is nice to see in this new generation that taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself is a priority. I believe that if you love yourself you become more of a loving person and in return you have more love to give to other people. Of course, everything can be taken to extremes but I do not see that in my patients. I believe that when they come to see me it is one of their first steps they are taking for self-love.”

Love that!!

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Below, you can see more from the doctor himself, busy at work and with some of his most high-profile patients and clients:

Meet and get to know celebrity dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian!
You should know about celebrity dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian and his impressive work! / (c) Dr. Simon Ourian
Get to know celebrity dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian!
Dr. Ourian has made quite a name for himself in Beverly Hills. / (c) Dr. Simon Ourian
Dr. Simon Ourian is a celebrity dermatologist you need to know!
Kim Kardashian is among his many clients! / (c) Instagram
You need to know about celebrity dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian!
Dr. Ourian’s background in sculpting has helped his clients immensely! / (c) Dr. Simon Ourian

Love it!

And more of his work from his official Instagram account, as well:


For more information on Dr. Ourian and where the latest beauty trends are heading, be sure to follow @simonourianmd1 on Instagram!

[Images via Dr. Simon Ourian]

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