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Woman Without Face Mask Forced Out Of Staten Island Grocery Store By Other Customers!

Woman shamed out of Staten Island Grocery Store for not wearing a mask!

When in doubt, mask it out!

A woman found that out the hard way this weekend, after attempting to go shopping at a Staten Island-area grocery story in NYC without a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. Concerned about their health, other shoppers confronted the woman, shouting her down as a rule-breaking and forcing her right out of the store!

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The whole thing was a damn mob scene, as you can see in the video (below) that trended on Twitter for much of Sunday morning and went viral all around the world:


The ruler-breaker tried to stand her ground and remain in the store, but the pressure eventually became too much, and a handful of (VERY LOUD) New York shoppers decided to let the un-masked miscreant know exactly how they feel.

But is that a good thing, or not?! Studies show wearing a mask may significantly reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, and in some place it’s strongly suggested (or outright required) depending upon which store you walk into in which part of the country. So is this good pressure to apply to those who don’t wear masks, or is it just simply mob rule???

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One Twitter user pointed out that even conservative-leaning Staten Island is super-sick of watching people die from the coronavirus:

Staten Island is NYC’s most conservative borough. 56.05% voted for Trump in 2016. Population of 476,143 people and almost 800 confirmed COVID dead to this point. Extrapolated over the US population that’s about 550,000 dead. So nah, they ain’t havin it.”

One more added the irony that Trump’s Staten Island isn’t down with people who don’t take coronavirus that seriously:

“New Yorkers don’t f**k around with the coronavirus. And Staten Island is Trump country!”

And another viral video viewer joked about the whole situation:

This is the FIRST time I’ve ever written the words ‘” LOVE STATEN ISLAND.'”


[Image via YouTube]

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May 25, 2020 11:30am PDT