Maintenance Worker Rescues 2-Year-Old Girl From Subway After Her Stroller Rolled Onto The Tracks!

A subway worked saved a little girl after he stroller rolled onto the tracks!

This is SOOOO scary!!

A simple trip to a subway station in Queens, New York turned into a nightmare for one mother when the stroller holding her 2-year-old daughter rolled onto the subway tracks!

The mommy didn’t realize her stroller had drifted away as she turned away for a split second to throw award some trash! Lucky for her, a maintenance worker saw the whole thing go down and jumped down to save the little one!

When the mother realized what had happened, she also jumped down on the tracks, but she sprained her ankle when she landed! Fortunately, the worker was able to help her to safety as well!

The 2-year-old was taken to the Long Island Jewish Hospital where she was treated for a bump on her head and she’s expected to make a full recovering!

As for momma bear, we’re guessing she’s a bit drained emotionally after that scary trip to the subway station — and hopefully she’ll be more careful!

Jul 28, 2014 7:28pm PST

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