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EXCLUSIVE! Wake Up Flawless Just Like Beyoncé -- Skincare Guru Adina Diaz Reveals Her Homemade DIY Brightening Mask & Moisturizer!

DIY skincare mask

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s not much we love more than glowing skin!
After all, who doesn’t want to look as radiant as Beyoncé, for one??
Well, we EXCLUSIVELY spoke to West Hollywood skincare expert Adina Diaz of Natural Feeling Spa & Boutique to get the scoop on achieving a flawless face just like your fave celebs.
And as it turns out, the secret is right in your kitchen! Looking for a hydrating moisturizer? All you need are TWO simple ingredients! According to Adina:

“This two-ingredient, oil-based moisturizer can do it all! Nut and seed oils range from light to sheer (rosehip oil or jojoba oil) to rich and deeply emollient (macadamia nut or sweet almond oil). Vegetable Carrier Oil + Essential Oil = Bath Oil, Body Oil Moisturizer, Massage Oil or Hair Treatment. Voilá!”

Combining 1/2 cup of a vegetable skincare oil and 24 drops of essential oil or blend (Adina recommends lavender or rose for essential blend), mix the oils and place in a bottle or jar and use for the face and neck after cleansing. There you have it!
Of course, no summer skincare routine would be complete without a brightening mask. While there are brands that carry their own, like Kiehl’sTurmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, it’s also just as easy to make at home!
Adina shared her own completely natural recipe, adding:

“My favorite ancient mask to use is the turmeric mask! People have been using turmeric masks in India for centuries. Brides prepare for a whole week by applying this mask before they get married! Not only is this super hydrating but anti-inflammatory and brightening as well!”

Combine 2 teaspoons of organic turmeric powder, 2 teaspoons of raw honey, and 1 teaspoon of coconut milk, and stir until mixed well. Apply all over the face and neck after you have cleansed both areas well. Leave on for 5 minutes. Just make sure not to get the mixture on your clothes or white towels.
OR if you’re feeling more adventurous, the skincare expert also recommends her Tea Tree and Orange Peel Scrub:
In a small mixing bowl, add 24 drops of Aura Cacia Organic Tea Tree Oil, 24 drops of Aura Cacia Sweet Orange essential Oil, 4 fluid ounces of aloe vera gel (Adina recommends Lilly Of The Desert Aloe), and 4 tablespoons of dried orange peel granules. Stir well until mixed, and transfer to a 4-ounce jar.
To use: steam or rinse face with warm water. Apply 2 to 3 teaspoons of the scrub to the face and neck using gentle circular motions. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
Another hydrating, but natural must-have she suggest you add to your medicine cabinet:

“I am a huge fan of facial mists. When you need a picker upper, more hydration and an extra glow mist are the way to go. I use a mist in my facials, carry one in my purse, and highly recommend them for all of my clients. Mists are great for various things such as: setting makeup, hydrating at outdoor events, for women who have hot flashes, and they are particularly awesome if you are hungover. I love Lotus Moon Skincare D20 Heavy Water Mist and Evan Healy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic HydroSoul. Also, when in doubt put some bronzer on! I truly believe Bronzer is every girl’s best friend. My go to is from Plain Jane Beauty and is called Bronze Ambition. It adds that summer glowing goddess look every time!”

Yasss! That glowing goddess look is something a lot of us strive for!
While Bey obviously has that nailed, Adina also shared she has her own list of stars giving her serious skin envy! Read on…

Halle Berry. This woman never ages! Her skin is always flawless. I actually don’t think I have ever seen a bad picture of her. Genetics are on her side but she really takes care of herself from the foods she eats to the products she uses. Eva Mendes. Her skin has a 24/7 glow to it. I don’t know what products she’s using or maybe it’s just that after glow from Ryan Gosling.
Cate Blanchett is a classic beauty from head to toe. You can tell she runs from the sun and wears lots of sun protection like SPFS and hats. No one has that type of porcelain like skin unless you really strict about your regimen.
Jennifer Lopez is another freak of nature! Just like Halle Berry she never ages! I am guessing she is big on laser treatments and has a great skincare cougar never looked so good!”

We second all of those!
Are these ladies on your list??
P.S. CLICK HERE to get even more Adina Diaz’s EXCLUSIVE skincare tips!
[Image via Adina Diaz Your Skincare Guru & Media Punch.]

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May 05, 2016 12:16pm PDT