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DJ Claims Sydney Sweeney 'Pulled Some Racist S**t' During Awards Show Amid MAGA Party Controversy!

DJ Claims Sydney Sweeney 'Pulled Some Racist S**t' During Awards Show Amid MAGA Party Controversy!

Sydney Sweeney‘s time in the harsh scrutiny of the spotlight regarding her mom’s controversial 60th birthday party isn’t over yet.

In fact, some pretty icky accusations are now being levied against the Euphoria star in light of her newly sullied public perception! Get ready, y’all, because this is getting MESSY!

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So, Perezcious readers will recall how the HBO star was the target of a lot of online ire after pics and vids from her mom’s birthday shindig hit the ‘net. In the snaps, Sydney’s mom can be seen wearing a red “Make 60 Great Again” hat — a reference to Donald Trump‘s MAGA-style hats that are so infamous among the right-wing set. A partygoer in one shot appeared to have been wearing some version of a “Blue Lives Matter” shirt, as well.

And just like that, the TV sweetheart everyone wanted to protect was suddenly presumed to be a secret racist.

Sydney addressed the backlash from those images on social media, asking fans to “stop making assumptions” and turning an “innocent celebration” into a political issue. That plea seemed to stem the tide a little bit at the time. But now, days later, the s**t has hit the fan once again!

Underneath Sydney’s original IG post celebrating her momma’s birthday party (HERE), and again in her own IG Stories, DJ Bella Ferrada shared a claim alleging bad behavior on the part of the TV star herself!

It started when Ferrada claimed Sydney’s brother Trent Sweeney blocked her on the social media app. An IG Stories post from the El Lay-based club star also hinted at prior bad behavior on Sydney’s part towards the DJ’s boyfriend. She claimed:

“This ‘Make 60 Great Again’ party is reallll problematic. Yuck this confirms my thoughts on [Sweeney] especially after she pulled some racist s**t on Lalo when he was working at an award show. But we’ll save that tea for another day.”

DJ Accuses Sydney Sweeney Of Being 'Scared' Of Her 'Mexican Boyfriend' Following MAGA Party Controversy!
Ferrada claims Sweeney “pulled some racist s**t.” / (c) DJ Bella Ferrada/Instagram


Ferrada obviously couldn’t wait to “save that tea for another day,” though, because she jumped into the comments of Sydney’s IG post to share her allegations. Writing in the IG comments, Ferrada alleged Sydney behaved poorly towards her “Mexican boyfriend” on the red carpet of the Hollywood Critics Association Awards.

The DJ wrote:

“All I see are red hats and red flags. Girl bye, this explains why you got so scared when my Mexican boyfriend was trying to fix lighting by you at the HCA awards and you freaked out and had your bf come shooo him while he was just doing his job and has no idea who you even are… why were you so scared? It’s giving Karennnn.”

DJ Accuses Sydney Sweeney Of Being 'Scared' Of Her 'Mexican Boyfriend' Following MAGA Party Controversy!
Ferrada accused Sweeney of poor behavior on a red carpet! Jeez! / (c) DJ Bella Ferrada/Instagram


If this is true, it’s gross. But also… there are a lot of leaps you have to make here!

According to Newsweek, Sydney’s reps have not commented about that allegation. The outlet reports they are “still trying to assess the veracity of the incident” as recounted by Ferrada. As for the DJ, she has taken her IG account private.

Back over in the comments on Sydney’s IG account, conservative political pundit Tomi Lahren popped up with a show of support for the Euphoria headliner:

“Never apologize to the mob! Pay no mind to the vultures trying to come after you because your family members have the ‘audacity” to support law-enforcement! Xoxo”

That didn’t sit well with Ferrada, either. Tomi is NOT someone you want on your side…

The DJ took a screenshot of the comment and posted another IG Stories message about that:

“May I just say one more thing then I’m done with this subject. If [you] got Tomi Lahren’s racist ass backing you that is a huge red flag and you should be very embarrassed.”

She isn’t wrong about that! Then again, it’s possible Tammy is just following all the other online assumptions, and Sydney doesn’t actually share any political ideology with her family. TamTam could have just been commenting for clout, ya know? She certainly wouldn’t be the first.

As for the Emmy nominee’s public response, she seems to be keeping her head down. Her latest public posting involves a Monday reveal that she’s now set to work with producer Brad Fuller and Sony Pictures on an adaptation of The Registration. So her career is chugging along…

What do y’all think here, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Business Insider/YouTube/MTV News/YouTube]

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