Teen Mom OG‘s Ryan Edwards Suggests A Separation From His Pregnant Wife!

ryan edwards teen mom og pregnancy reaction

Ryan Edwards needs to step it up.

The Teen Mom OG finale was certainly filled with drama, as the 30-year-old learned he is going to be a father again. And, from the footage, it appears that Ryan wasn’t thrilled to learn about the bun cooking in wife Mackenzie Standifer‘s oven.

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It probably didn’t help that Mr. Edwards’ sobriety was once again in question. Conversations about Ryan being clean came about as the MTV vet’s first baby momma, Maci Bookout, was informed by nine-year-old Bentley that Mackenzie is with child. While the reality TV starlet hoped this baby news would make Ryan a better father, she had her doubts about her ex’s sobriety.

During a conversation with her mother, Maci revealed that she doesn’t believe Bentley’s father is clean, which is why he refused to take a drug test. She also admitted:

“My people know people.”

How very daunting!

Mackenzie and Ryan eventually made their way to a doctor to confirm the pregnancy news and to hear their little one’s heartbeat. Sadly, Ryan seemed less than enthused at the doctor’s office. Edwards continued to show minimal enthusiasm, even during a visit with his parents. On the way home, Edwards fell asleep as his pregnant wife drove, which rightfully irritated her.

To make matters worse, during an argument, Ryan suggested:

“I think we just need to separate for nine months.”

Man, oh man. Could he BE ANY LESS supportive?? SMH.

Of course, in typical Teen Mom fashion, Ryan’s baby momma drama wasn’t the only turmoil addressed on the show. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra found themselves at odds over the former’s desire to return to treatment. Although Tyler and daughter Nova were thrilled to have Catelynn back after her stint at a mental health facility, Lowell found herself struggling to cope.

Baltierra certainly encouraged his wife to seek treatment if she was having a hard time, but suggested that she try outpatient care, so that she could be home. However, Catelynn was set on returning to an in-patient facility. Later on, while getting dinner with his sister, Tyler expressed his frustrations with Catelyn not putting Nova first. Apparently, Lowell had suggested that their daughter would “manage” while she was away.

Clearly upset, Tyler ranted:

“I think it was really how she felt. What she’s saying, the truth that she’s speaking, is out of ignorance, because you don’t know. You think she’ll manage? What do you mean she’ll manage? She’s fucking 3. She can’t manage nothing.”

This situation struck an emotional chord with Tyler, as it reminded him A LOT of his troubled father Butch Baltierra. When his sister tried to defend Catelynn, suggesting that the 26-year-old mom was “scared to really open up,” Tyler hit back with:

“OK, then maybe you should not be with me. Maybe I’m not the right guy for you is what I’m saying. Maybe I’m not good enough for you.”

What’s up with these TMOG dads threatening breakups?? You’re better than this.

Ultimately, Catelynn headed back to treatment for a third time.

Be sure to catch more Teen Mom OG drama next week, as part one of the reunion airs on MTV on April 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

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Apr 10, 2018 9:10am PDT