Teresa Giudice Throwing Real Housewives Of New Jersey Under The Bus In Last Ditch Effort To Avoid Jail Time!

Teresa Giudice begging for mercy

Girl does not want to spend the next couple years in an orange jumpsuit!

So Teresa Giudice is doing everything she can to avoid jail time for her fraud convictions.

While she’s set to be sentenced TODAY alongside her hubby, Juicy Joe Giudice, Tre is begging the judge to spare her. And why’s that???

Because she claims she’s not the bad woman Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers see on their TV every week!

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We hear she’s filed docs asking for NO jail time because the judge shouldn’t be influenced by her role on Bravo’s hit show. She claims in the docs:

“The image is little more than a carefully crafted fiction, engineered by Bravo TV through scripted lines and clever editing.”

But that’s not all she’s throwing at the judge to convince them to spare her. She’s also reporting that her children will have to be split up if both parents go to jail because no one can take all four. (Dibs on Milania, we kid we kid!)

She’s also told the judge she’s willing to do community service and house arrest. She’s also willing to forfeit any of her money received from the wire fraud. Oh, and of course she reported that she does charity work for sick kids, so she thinks she’s more useful outside of jail than in it.

She’s really throwing it all at the judge!

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Unfortunately, the court recently denied the clearing of their $13 million in debt. On Monday, the bankruptcy judge shot down their request and declared the case closed, which isn’t a good sign for their legal woes as this will now require them to repay the debt.

Considering the sentencing guidelines call for at least 21 months in jail and prosecutors are asking for the maximum, she better hope the judge is sympathetic…and a Real Housewives fan! LOLz!

Stay tuned because you know this is gonna be an innnnneresting one!

Oct 2, 2014 9:35am PDT