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EXCLUSIVE! Who's The Better Man For Kylie Jenner?! Astrologer Terry Nazon Weighs In On PartyNextDoor AND Her Rumored Reunion With Tyga!

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It’s a love triangle! And we’re so excited, LOLz!
Kylie Jenner seemed to have rebounded with PartyNextDoor rather quickly after breaking up with Tyga. But now there are rumblings from Tyga’s Instagram that perhaps they’re back together!
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It’s chaos!!! And we love it, obvs.
We consulted our astrology expert Terry Nazon to give us a reading on Kyles and her new squeeze. And after reading her original report on Tyga and Kylie back when they first got together, it seems like PND is a better dude for the makeup mogul.
Terry writes:

“Rebound or Just a Remix? It’s always interesting when a Cancer Sun sign and Leo Sun sign hook up. PartyNextDoor is a Cancer and at his best he is the Boy Next Door, the consummate Eagle Scout and an ideal boyfriend. While Both Cancer and Leo fall in love easily and naturally they approach love totally differently. Cancer is more private and wants to express their love behind closed doors. While Leo, on the other hand, wants to show off their lover in a three-ring circus and parade.”

Well, they were both just eagerly flaunting each other in the Come And See Me music video.
According to our astrologer, however, it may be just an escape after such a high-profile breakup:

“This pairing between Kylie and PartyNextDoor is nice for overcoming the hard knock reality of a break up. Cancer instinctively knows what Leo needs to hear and says all the right things. Leo is appreciative of that and protects Cancer as any lioness would. Still, PartyNextDoor is a business man and Kylie Jenner not a bad investment. His Sun falls in her house of secrets and sorrows and his Sun falls in her money zone, no surprise there. He is the wind beneath her wings, they guy who gets her past her recent break up, and he doesn’t mind a bit. In love, PartyNextDoor is sweet and gentle and enjoys being in a relationship, a traditional relationship that is. However, he is jealous, very jealous. Upcoming transits suggests it’s work first, play later for him.”

Terry further emphasized that Tyga’s recent post-and-delete antics on IG just show him freaking out:

“This is just Tyga in a panic but there could be some real drama in late July and early August.”

Uh-oh. August is also when Kylie turns 19! Maybe she’ll get some seriously outrageous gifts from her competing beaux.
Interestingly, it seems like heartbreak is in the future for Mr. NextDoor since according to his sign, his feelings are stronger than his significant other’s:

“Our little Leo, Kylie Jenner does everything in an over the top way. Something our sweet Cancer guy PartyNextDoor will need time to get used to. Still, she is everything he wants and is looking for in a woman. When the lights are turned off he wants sweet pillow talk and professions of forever love. She’s too shrewd for that and doesn’t trust anyone enough to show her true feelings to. So what will they talk about? Business. They’ll talk about business. In the bedroom being a seductress and intimacy are things she’s still learning about, experimenting with and experiencing. In the bedroom he likes routine, a good meal, shower, clean sheets and sleep. Leaving her wanting more.”

Terry notes that these two might be crash and burn like a lot of young couples ultimately do:

“The fire that connects them dies down in August but could flicker on and off through December.
With these two neither is the type of person who wants to be bossed around or told what to do, and in any relationship there has to be a rooster and a hen, not two roosters. Two roosters will kill each other. Kylie is young and just only beginning to uncover her inner queen and seductive power. He has things he is trying to overcome and things he is trying to do. Eventually, PartyNextDoor is very good marriage material though for anyone who’s patient enough but Kylie won’t stick around long enough for that. Next year though a serious soulmate connection could make his appearance.”

Hmmm, seems like Kylie’s love life is gonna be lit no matter what!
[Image via Terry Nazon/Kylie Jenner/Tyga/PND/Instagram.]

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