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Texas Congressman Who Crusaded Against Drag Shows RESIGNS After Grooming Teen Intern!

Texas Congressman Who Crusaded Against Drag Shows Caught Preying On Teen Intern

Sometimes the call is coming from inside the house — the house of representatives, that is! And with these representatives, that call is the song of the wild groomer.

Texas Congressman Bryan Slaton was the latest hypocrite caught projecting his own disgusting behavior onto the LGBT community. An investigation was launched against him due to growing concerns he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 19-year-old girl in late March.

The 16-page report that was released against him on Saturday showed some pretty horrifying things — not only did he coerce a teen who worked with him into sexual activity by getting her drunk, he allegedly provided alcohol to ANOTHER girl who was under 21 and had unprotected sex with her on several occasions.

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You could’ve probably guessed it — he’s pro-life and anti-abortion — but was very quick to purchase the young woman he took advantage of some Plan B to prevent her from getting pregnant after the encounter. Naturally.

Ever since these findings came out over the weekend, he’d been in talks to be the first state representative to be expelled from office in Texas since 1927 — but in what seems to be a common conservative fashion, he decided to evade that fate by resigning. That didn’t save his behind, though! The House voted unanimously to expel him as of just a few hours ago, regardless of his attempt to slip out from under the hammer of justice.

Leading up to his departure from Congress, many of his co-workers and former allies spoke out against him, including Rep. Steve Toth — who slammed Slaton for not apologizing to the young women he took advantage of during his resignation speech on Monday:

“His resignation gave no apology to the young woman he violated, his wife whom he betrayed or his district that he failed. No remorse. No acceptance of responsibility. He’s the victim that rides off in to the sunset. That was the resignation of a narcissist.”

He’s right! Slaton’s resignation speech is disgustingly unremorseful. Watch it (below):

So terrible!

An anti-abortion group cut ties with Slaton and revoked their endorsement of his campaign, all the while the Texas House Freedom Caucus — which is a group of some of the most right-leaning conservatives in the state — also bashed him for his actions:

“The abhorrent behavior described in the report requires clear and strong action. He should resign. If he does not, we will vote to expel him Tuesday.”

All this comes after Slaton was very intensely campaigning against drag shows and transgender people, as well as after the creation of his “anti-grooming” bill. Just look at this disgusting and bigoted tweet he made mere days before he was caught:

He’s calling out “drag shows” and “gender transition” when talking about the need to “protect Texas kids against sick adults”? Ugh. How many of these have to come to light before these people realize it’s not the LGBT community they need to be worried about??

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, we guess… Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via KXAN/RuPaul’s Drag Race/YouTube]

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