Chad Johnson Opens Up About Becoming The ‘Bad Guy’ On The Bachelorette Just Six Months After His Mother’s Death In Rare Emotional Interview

Chad Johnson

We all know Chad Johnson as the “villain” of JoJo Fletcher‘s season of The Bachelorette and season three of Bachelor In Paradise.

As was briefly mentioned during the show, the former Marine from Tulsa, Oklahoma lost his mom to cancer just six months before his first appearance on the ABC series.

During yet another stint on reality TV, the controversial star opened up to Famously Single‘s therapist Dr. Darcy Sterling about how becoming the “bad boy” was a distraction from properly handling his mother’s death.

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He went on to admit that coming off as a “jerk” or “defensive” was his way of not “letting people in”:

“I don’t like letting new people in that easy because I don’t want to lose someone again like that. I know that’s my mother and she was sick, but I feel like a lot of people take too many chances of being too open too easily and I don’t really do that … I sometimes tend to back away or in some way, sabotage it because I think I’m afraid of hurting them because what happens if we got married and then we had to break up?”

That’s some heavy stuff!

Watch his full emotional interview in the clip (below)!


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Jun 30, 2017 3:07pm PST

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