It Was A Very Crood Box Office Weekend…Just Not For Lindsay Lohan!

box office weekend

Sorry, James Franco!

While Oz The Great and Powerful is still pulling in all kinds of big box office bucks, its reign in the number one spot has come to an end!

But don’t worry, your new flick with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, Spring Breakers, isn’t doing too shabby in its opening weekend!

More shabby than two surprise cinematic hits, however:

The animated Croods AND Gerard Butler‘s Olympus Has Fallen, which came in first and second place in their box office debut, pulled in $44.7 and $30.5 million, respectively!

The aforementioned Breakers, meanwhile, made $5 million playing in about 1,100 theaters, which secured it the #6 spot in the top ten!

Pretty solid, unlike Lindsay Lohan‘s new disaster of a movie, InAPPropriate Comedy, which co-stars Adrien Brody and Michelle Rodriguez, opened to just 292 theaters yet still only managed to pull in $155,000!

Eek! We bet she’s making more on her boozy trip to Brazil this week ALONE!

But enough about her!

Check out the full box office top ten this weekend…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

The Croods, $44.7 million
Olympus Has Fallen, $30.5 million
Oz the Great and Powerful, $22 million
The Call, $8.7 million
Admission, $6.4 million
Spring Breakers, $5 million
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, $4.3 million
Jack the Giant Slayer, $3 million
Identity Thief, $2.5 million
Snitch, $1.9 million

Mar 24, 2013 5:33pm PDT