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Human Rights Activists Plan On Dropping The Interview DVDs Into North Korea!

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Americans may still be wondering when they’ll be able to see The Interview, seeing as how Sony has currently canceled all plans to release the film.
But whenever we do get a chance to see Seth Rogen and James Franco comically attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Un, so will North Korea!
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The Human Rights Campaign has been using balloons to drop information into the country, which keeps itself largely cut off from the rest of the world (they don’t even have the Internet!).
In addition to leaflets telling people their government is lying to them, the balloons also sometimes contain items like Real Housewives DVDs, chocolate, and thumb drives with copies of Wikipedia.
Now HRC founder Thor Halversson says he plans on adding The Interview to that list. He said:

“If we can legally obtain copies of ‘The Interview,’ we want to send as many copies as possible.”

To find out more about the Human Rights Foundation’s balloon drop campaign, watch Thor explain the process (below)!

[Image via Sony Pictures.]

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Dec 18, 2014 18:45pm PDT