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Tom Sandoval Confirms First Kiss With Raquel Leviss Happened After Boys Night -- And Where They Stand Today!

Tom Sandoval gives first interview post scandoval

Tom Sandoval is breaking down exactly how he got entangled with Raquel Leviss!

Obviously, Scandoval has been about all Bravo fans have been able to talk about for the last month after it was revealed Ariana Madix unearthed a months-long affair between the pair by spotting an intimate video on her boyfriend’s phone last month. After nine years together, it was a heartbreaking sight and led to their abrupt breakup.

But in the weeks since the shocking news hit the internet, we’ve all been trying to wrap our heads around the timeline of everything. When did Raquel and Tom first hit it off? And what’s up with them now? Thankfully, we’re in luck!

The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman sat down with Howie Mandel on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, which dropped on Tuesday, and he spilled ALL. THE. TEA.

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Tom began by explaining how his relationship with Ariana had fizzled, saying they were nothing more than “a brand” and “roommates” who’d long ago stopped getting intimate. Because of this, he was “yearning for connection,” and he found that in an attractive young woman… Yes, you know the one…

The bartender claimed he and Raquel became fast friends after her split from James Kennedy and called their time “confiding in each other” a “source of strength” for him because he was in a “very dark place.” But their connection wasn’t romantic at first.

According to Sandoval, he first tried to get his best friend Tom Schwartz to hook up with the SUR waitress because he thought it would be fun to have his friends dating. When Schwartz wasn’t showing any interest, he opened up to the possibility that maybe he himself was the right Tom for the 28-year-old, he said:

“I’m like, ‘Whatever, you’re dumb’, because I thought very highly of her. […] And then we were hanging out and talking. We had hung out one night and then a couple nights later again. We talked until the sun came up during the guys’ night at the Mondrian. And then [a few days later] we were at my house, and I’m locked out of my house and we’re talking and we kissed. It was magnetic. We were moving closer and as we were talking, time went on, and we’re talking closer and closer and closer, and all of a sudden, we’re kissing. I felt something that I hadn’t felt in so long, like, emotionally.”

He acts as if he had no control of his actions. Sigh…

Also, this was after the aired “boys night” and BEFORE Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding where Schwartz and Leviss ended up kissing! OMG!

As you might recall, in last week’s episode, Schwartz finally took the TomTom co-owner’s advice and made out with his co-star, which naturally caused Sandoval to be “jealous” — but he couldn’t exactly act on his feelings considering he was cheating on Ariana! He dished:

“I was a little jealous, but I was not questioning our connection and I was more proud of them for saying f**k you.”

In his opinion, Katie Maloney‘s ex-husband only made the move because he was being “crucified” by the cast for entertaining the idea of being with Raquel. It wasn’t until the group returned from Mexico (in August 2022) that Sandoval confessed his feelings. Schwartz assured him he was not interested in Raquel at all, and the entire thing was just for fun.

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Now that sparks were flying, the pair began their months-long affair… which leads us to today. Of course, Howie had to know what’s up with the couple now that they’re the center of attention. They’ve each been avoiding putting a label on things… and there may be a reason for that. Tom described them as “good friends” — but claimed they’re BROKEN UP! He spilled:

“We’re not putting any label on it. We’re just kind of taking a break.”

Taking a break?! Didn’t she JUST sleep over at his house?? When asked if they’re friends “with benefits,” the reality star denied that he is currently having any sexual relationship with the other VPR star “right now.” Whoa!

Should we believe this? Or is he just trying to make things sound better as he attempts to rebuild his reputation? It wouldn’t be the first lie he ever told! Listen to his full conversation and let us know what you think (below)!


[Image via Instagram/YouTube]

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