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Tom Sandoval Answers Point Blank If ‘Anything Physical’ Happened With Raquel Leviss! Vanderpump Rules Recap HERE!

Tom Sandoval LIES To Bravo Producers About Raquel Leviss Affair! Vanderpump Rules Recap HERE!

A new Vanderpump Rules episode dropped on Wednesday night, which means more pre-Scandoval scenes for fans to analyze. And you guys, one moment has Bravo viewers absolutely seething right now!

Most of the episode focused on James Kennedy’s girlfriend Ally Lewber and her suspicions about Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s relationship. See, she caught them dancing together at 1 a.m. at The Abbey in West Hollywood — without his then-girlfriend of nine years Ariana Madix present. James and Ally brought up the incident again after she saw Katie Maloney confront Sandoval about the “weird” interaction with Raquel. While at their apartment, the 31-year-old DJ asked her what she told the 36-year-old, to which Ally replied:

“I just told her about how we went to The Abbey after See You Next Tuesday and we were with a group of people, and we saw Raquel and Tom alone. She didn’t think it was weird that Tom was at The Abbey because he always does that, but she thought it was weird he was just with Raquel. She obviously doesn’t trust her.”

She then added:

“She said something about them ‘not having a lot of rules.’ I don’t know what that means or what she was implying by that.”

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For James, he took that to mean “Katie is saying that Tom and Ariana are in an open relationship.” However, Ally wasn’t too sure about that as she questioned:

“So wait, that’s what you think when Katie implied no rules? You think that she meant an open relationship?”

Ultimately, James told his girlfriend she should speak with Ariana’s best friend, Scheana Shay, about the situation. And that’s exactly what she did! Ally then met up with Scheana, who shut down the open relationship theory:

“They’re two of my best friends, and this would be the first I’m hearing of it, and I don’t believe it whatsoever. The fact that Katie said that and she put that out there is disgusting.”

When Ally asked if Scheana would have been “comfortable” with her hubby Brock Davies being alone with Raquel at the club late at night, the 37-year-old said she would 100 percent trust the 28-year-old with him – even with them sleeping in the “same bed” together. We know Scheana must have been kicking herself for defending Raquel now…

While Scheana clearly refused to believe the claims at the time, she still took a moment to confront Sandoval about them. Later in the episode, the cast went to the beach, and Scheana decided to pull the 40-year-old bartender aside to hash out what happened at The Abbey. Mentioning the conversation between Ally, Katie, Kristina Kelly, and Lala Kent during a girls’ night, she said:

“I guess they had talked about how the other night after SUR you guys all went to The Abbey together. Ally was like, ‘Oh no. Raquel was with Sandoval on the dance floor or whatever.’ Katie then said, ‘Raquel’s now going after Sandoval.’”

Brushing off the “funny” allegations, Sandoval fired back:

“At the f**king Abbey? We know everybody there. It’s not a place where I would take a secret f**king rendezvous.”

We mean, it is also the perfect place to get away with meeting up with your lover — since their friend group most likely wouldn’t have questioned it since the two of them are there a lot. It could be a brilliant double bluff. Or also, he could have just been super lazy about it all?

He continued defending himself in a confessional, saying:

“It’s annoying that Katie would say something like that. It’s insulting to not just me but Ariana as well. Raquel and I were not like, dancing all close in the dark corner of like a speakeasy. A bunch of us just went to The Abbey. Two of those people happen to be Raquel and I.”

UGH! The lies!

Afterward, the group went to a nearby bar — and (unsurprisingly) all hell broke loose when the cheating speculation was brought up! When Raquel confronted Katie for calling her a “whore” for making out with Tom Schwartz and Oliver Saunders, Sandoval chimed in to blast the You’re Gonna Love Me podcast host for starting rumors:

“Ariana’s not very happy with you right now. She’s not very happy with you right now. You know why? Because you know what you said? You know exactly what you f**king said! You know what you didn’t say. Apparently, because me and Raquel went to The Abbey, that apparently that’s where our secret rendezvous is.”

Lala then stepped into the conversation, saying:

“Ally said how weird it was that she saw the both of you at The Abbey together.”

And here is where fans are BEYOND PISSED at Sandoval — more so than usual we mean. In a confessional, Sandoval went on to deny ever hooking up with Raquel! Yeah, you read that right. A Bravo producer asked the bar owner point blank:

“Has anything physical ever happened between you and Raquel?”

With a smug grin on his face, he dropped this lie:

“No, nothing has happened between Raquel and I. Like, nothing that wouldn’t happen between you know like, me and Katie.”

Woow. Knowing what we know now, that is INFURIATING! We mean, he’s lying to our faces now!

Of course, we know now that Sandoval and Raquel had already started their affair after making out multiple times at this point. And they proceeded to carry on their relationship for MONTHS behind Ariana’s back. The nerve of this guy to lie through his teeth — with a smile on his face. You can see it for yourself (below):

We know viewers were pulling a Khloé Kardashian and screaming liar at their screens!

BTW, Katie later clarified her comments about the open relationship claims in a confessional, explaining what she meant by saying Sandoval and Ariana “don’t have rules for each other in their relationship.” She explained:

“I was trying to explain to her that Tom and Ariana don’t keep each other on leashes. They don’t have, like, rules for each other in their relationship. But also, like, my opinion of Raquel couldn’t be lower at this point. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if Tom and Ariana do have an open relationship, Ariana knows nothing about it.”

LOLz! An open relationship that only one significant other knows about? Y’all, that’s called CHEATING.

Our jaws are on the floor following this episode — and we bet things will get messier as the VPR cast finds out more about Scandoval in the coming weeks. Reactions, Perezcious readers? How mad are you about Sandoval’s lie? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Vanderpump Rules/Peacock, Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

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