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Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Were Hiding In Plain Sight During Affair -- Here's Their Sneaky Message To Each Other!

Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Were Hiding In Plain Sight By Wearing Matching WHAT During Affair?!

As it turns out, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were not at all shy about showing off their super-scandalous and quietly-amorous connection to each other.

But their public sign of underground affection was so subtle that it went unseen by fans for months! Despite legitimately hiding in plain sight!!! Buckle up, y’all — this one is cray-cray!

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In the days after news of the Vanderpump Rules personalities’ shocking affair first hit social media, at-home sleuths have been scouring the reality TV stars’ accounts for more insights into where it all went so wrong. And some shrewd Twitter users have uncovered something REALLY jaw-dropping: matching necklaces!

Yes, really!

It turns out the 39-year-old man and his no-longer-secret 28-year-old mistress were actually hiding in plain sight by regularly rocking matching lightning bolt necklaces! While we are still shocked at the affair and its effect on Tom’s longtime love Ariana Madix, it seems the terrible twosome was very boldly — and very subtly — giving a nod about it the entire time! WTF?!

Over the weekend, eagle-eyed Twitter detectives began noticing Tom and Raquel have been wearing lightning bolt pendants in social media snaps and press photos. As you can see (below), there are clear shots of each one rocking the bolt. That includes a moment back at BravoCon 2022 last October where Leviss wore the subtle piece with the 37-year-old Madix right nearby in a panel discussion:

Holy s**t!!!

And other digital detectives found more photos plainly showing the duo’s (slightly different, but effectively identical) lightning bolt adornments:

According to Page Six‘s reporting on this matter from Sunday, Sandoval “continues to wear his almost daily” even after the affair news first broke. Leviss, meanwhile, “switches hers out depending on her outfit.” So, it sounds like the lightning bolt is still a part of her regular rotation, too. But will she keep rocking the jewelry for much longer??

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As we reported early on Monday morning, Raquel just canned her public relations team — which was also Tom’s media messaging set — and opted to bring on a new crisis PR crew to navigate the controversy. According to an insider, that new team’s first move is supposedly going to be promoting Tom as the bad guy in an attempt to save Raquel’s rep:

“Raquel fired her PR team yesterday, which, not so coincidentally, was the same as Tom Sandoval’s PR. Her new team is already on the offensive, crafting a narrative that Raquel is also a victim in all of this. When she films with Sandoval later today, she’s been advised (and is planning) to break things off with him. TBD if that happens. The plan is to then go after him for screen recording the FaceTime sex session without Raquel’s consent, which was uncovered by Ariana on Sandoval’s phone and led to the unraveling of events.”

That anonymous source continued:

“They’re planning to allege that Sandoval took advantage of Raquel while she was in a vulnerable moment in life, clouding her judgment, then recording intimate videos without her knowledge. She will then go on an apology tour, relaying that she’s devastated by what has unfolded and for betraying one of her best friends (Ariana). At present, Raquel is not taking responsibility for her role in this affair. She’s more concerned with correcting the record on the ‘finger-banging’ vid than taking accountability for the hurt she has caused. And just for the record, she didn’t have these ideas, nor plans to distance [herself] from Sandoval, until her new PR relayed their strategy to try and save her image.”

Can’t imagine too many more subtle lightning bolt affair acknowledgements if all that really goes down like the insider claims, ya know?!

We can’t stop leering at this story, y’all. What a s**t show! In ALL ways!!!

What say U, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on Tom, Raquel, and the aftermath of their thunderous affair down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Tom Schwartz/Instagram/Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

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