Jay Leno’s Tonight Show Tell-All Shines A Light On His Most High Maintenance Guests EVER! Get A List Of The Top 8 Divas HERE!

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It’s divas for days!!!

Tonight Show segment producer Dave Berg published a new tell-all about his days working alongside with the man, the myth, the famously-chined legend Jay Leno and he wasn’t afraid to throw shade at all the most annoying celebrities he had the displeasure of working with!!

You seriously won’t BELIEVE which A-listers he called out as being huge friggin’ headaches!!

While we can’t know for sure all these stories are accurate, Jay did pen a forward for the book himself so it sounds like an endorsement.

Ready to find out which celebs caused the most problems behind the scenes?

Ch-ch-check it out the eight biggest divas according to Behind the Curtain: An Insider’s View of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. The biggest diva ever? A tie between Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives and Jessica Simpson. When Teri was bumped from the lineup in 2009 to make room for President Obama, she demanded a Louis Vuitton purse (and didn’t get it.) Jessica simply wanted her hair and makeup comped… which would have apparently cost $18K. Yikes.

2. The biggest male diva to grace the show with his presence was Eddie Murphy. He had some really complicated demands for his dressing room that included a dozen Snapples and more York Peppermint Patties than one man should ever eat.

3. Director Quentin Tarantino got really drunk before the show once and was a hot mess when he sat down to chat with Jay on TV!

4. Believing O.J. Simpson killed his wife in cold blood, so Jay refused to let his attorney Johnnie Cochran on the show.

5. Christian Bale once dropped out of The Tonight Show because he was annoyed they asked him how many siblings he had.

6. Producers once “gently critiqued” Helen Hunt‘s performance on Mad About You in 1994… so she never returned!

7. Howard Stern once REALLY pissed Jay off. He had two porn stars in his dressing room, had them come on air, and then tried to get them to share a lesbian kiss on air.

8. Remember comedian Bobcat Goldthwait? He actually committed a crime on the show! He set his chair on fire with lighter fluid in 1994 and was fined almost $4,000 dollars. He was never invited back.

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Jun 18, 2014 9:01am PST