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Usher Doesn't Eat On Wednesdays! See His Explanation!

Usher Doesn't Eat On Wednesdays! See His Explanation!

So this is what keeps Usher so hot and sexy even as a 45-year-old!

The Confessions singer opened up to WSJ. Magazine on Monday about his health regimen and diet, and revealed something very interesting: he doesn’t eat on Wednesdays! Like, not at ALL! The R&B crooner has chosen to avoid food entirely every single time Wednesday comes around on the calendar, and judging by his hot bod, well, it seems like it’s been serving him pretty well! LOLz!

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He explained the thought process behind it to the mag during their chat. As part of that revelations, he gave a hat tip to his grandmother, who he said practiced the same fasting schedule during her life:

“I fast, not for religious purposes, but it’s something my grandmother practiced. I fast on Wednesdays. I typically try to start around 11 p.m. the previous day, then go the entire day on Wednesday just drinking water.”


Like we said, it’s been working for him. We couldn’t imagine going a whole day without food, but then again, we don’t have the body that he does! LOLz! On the other six days of the week, the singer is equally disciplined, too. The Yeah! performer revealed his morning workout plan and how he gets his body ready for every day:

“I don’t like to eat breakfast before I’ve worked out or done something physical [like] taking a walk, stretching or doing yoga, sitting in the sun and raising my body’s natural heat levels. Then I eat. Normally, my workout regimen starts either walking or with certain knee activations and reverse walking that I do to really engage my quads, my knees and glutes. Other than that, swimming is a really good thing to get me going, and bike riding. Weightlifting, I don’t do a lot of that.”

He also gives his mind a workout, too! The lithe A-lister concluded:

“I try to wake up early enough to have a moment of reflection. Some days I may grab a book and read to stimulate my mind. I may sit quietly and meditate. One thing that is a frequent practice is yoga. It really does help to activate my organs and get my mind moving in the right direction — as Tony Robbins would say, ‘make my move,’ you know what I mean?”

Can’t argue with the success he’s had from that schedule. But could YOU go a full 24 hours without eating?! Share your reactions to Usher’s fasting habits in the comments (below)!

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