Vanessa Paradis Breaks Her Silence On Her And Johnny Depp’s Break Up

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Did Johnny Depp leave his baby momma?

It’s what the tabloids are talking about, now we’re finally hearing from an actual member of the relationship – and not just an “insider.”

Depp’s long-time GF, Vanessa Paradis, spoke to a French radio station earlier today. When asked about Depp Vanessa told the hosts:

“[Translated from French] Whenever I’m seen eating peas, people say I’m pregnant, whenever I’m visiting a city it means I’m buying a house, every winter we break up and every summer we get back together; I’ve been getting married every summer for the last fifteen years, so if on top of that I have to react to each rumor…”

So… is that a no?

Word of advice: when you clear up rumors it’s always good to actually say “We’re happily together.”

If what Vanessa is implying is true, the couple is fine. Their children don’t have to worry about choosing between their mom’s French villa and their dad’s Hollywood penthouse any time soon!

[Image via Jody Cortes/WENN.]

Jan 24, 2012 5:20pm PST

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