Viola Davis’ Last 9 Words In Next Week’s How To Get Away With Murder Are Going To Leave Us SHOCKED! But What Could She Say?!

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This week’s episode of ABC’s hit new series, How To Get Away With Murder was full of twists and turns…

But nothing was more exciting than the promo for next week’s episode!

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In the last few seconds of the network’s preview, the announcer proclaimed:

“Your jaw will drop with Viola Davis‘ LAST 9 WORDS”

So it got us thinking! What COULD she say at the very end of episode 4 that’s a game changer??

Is it about her puppy Wes? Lila Stangard’s murder? Rebecca the rebel neighbor? Nate?

Ch-ch-check out the 9 words we came up with, and share your thoughts in the comments section (below)!

Annalise Keating to Mr. Gibbons:

“I know you have Lila’s phone. Don’t play me!”

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Annalise Keating to herself (in reference to Michaela’s missing engagement ring):

“What is this I see with Sam’s charred remains?”

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Annalise Keating to Nate:

“You lied about Sam! And now, I kill you!”

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And just for funzies…

Annalise Keating to herself (in regards to Rebecca):

“I’m defending a white girl who wears half-cornrows.”

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So now, we ask you to vote on your fave, or come up with something even better (below)!

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[Image via ABC.]

Oct 10, 2014 7:15pm PST

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