President Obama’s Best White House Correspondents’ Dinner Jokes — In GIFs!!!

president obamas hilarious jokes white house correspondents dinner

How AH-Mazing was that speech from President Obama?!?

Seriously, he absolutely SLAYED it!

No one was safe from his jokes and Hilary Clinton even got a plug for 2016! Plus, the POTUS made an AH-MAZE joke that involving The Westeros Wing (above)!

Appealing to the Game of Thrones fans… We LOVE it!

Didja miss the speech but you don’t wanna watch the whole twenty minutes?

Then ch-ch-check out his best moments — in GIFs…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

He poked fun at NJ Governor Chris Christie‘s bridge scandal!

gridlock joke

Gave Hilary a political plug for 2016, while BURNING FoxNews!

hilary plug joke fox news

He made fun of himself while joking about his daughter!

sasha invited bill clinton

And probably the best joke of the night involved Orange Is The New Black!

orange is the new black joke

[Image via White House/Tumblr.]

May 3, 2014 11:45pm PDT