White Wrestling Ref Reportedly Forces Black Athlete To Cut His Dreadlocks Before Competing — WTF?!

This is beyond bad…

A white wrestling referee in New Jersey is facing (well-deserved) heat right now after reportedly demanding that a black high school wrestler cut off his dreadlocks before competing in an important match on Thursday.

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Andrew Johnson was about to compete for Buena Regional High School in New Jersey last night with his dreadlocks covered when ref Alan Maloney reportedly stepped in. Maloney, per TMZ, gave Johnson two choices: cut your hair off, or forfeit the match.

Johnson reluctantly chose to cut off his hair, but as you can tell in the video (below), he’s pretty visibly upset by the entire situation:

What the hell?!

Anyways, per TMZ, they’ve reached out to high school authorities in N.J. and haven’t heard anything back yet… Worse yet, the referee in question here has a history of alleged racist behavior. And he’s still refereeing high school sports?! UGH!!!

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[Image via SNJToday/Twitter.]

Dec 21, 2018 12:46pm PDT