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WTF?! Aaron Carter Just Retracted His Baby Announcement!

Aaron Carter Retracts Baby Announcement

We’ve heard of jumping the gun, but Aaron Carter was jumping the shotgun wedding!
News dropped last month the Don’t Say Goodbye singer was expecting his first child with girlfriend Lina Valentina.
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Not only did he straight up say he was “going to be proposing soon” and “might just be expecting” on Twitter — the baby announcement was confirmed by E! News.
Now it’s that same outlet who have a direct statement from Aaron three weeks later — completely changing his story!
Now he says:

“A few weeks ago, I posted something on social media about hoping to have a child soon and it seems that started some rumors. I am looking forward to becoming a dad, but am not expecting a child right now.”

Um. What?
There’s a WORLD of difference between “might just be expecting” and “looking forward to becoming a dad.” And how did it get confirmed??
Did Aaron egregiously misspeak? Were his hopes just that high?
There’s no way he would have just teased something like that for clickbait…
What do YOU think is going on here??
[Image via Aaron Carter/Instagram.]

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Dec 11, 2018 15:10pm PDT