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Michael Moore's Revenge

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Following Monday night's heated exchange between Michael Moore and Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Situation Room, the Sicko director appeared on Larry King Live on Tuesday night and had his way with CNN's medical expert, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Who came out on top??? It's tough to decide. U tell us!

It's a fascinating watch.

P.S. Dear, Larry. SHUT UP.

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491 comments to “Michael Moore's Revenge”

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  1. PEREZ HILTON says – reply to this


    Michael's big fat cornhole is so damned sexy!

  2. PEREZ HILTON says – reply to this


    I could pump that juicy anus all night long!!!!

  3. alli says – reply to this



  4. RussianMafia says – reply to this


    Michael Moore should eat him. Then shoot some kids.

  5. Theresa says – reply to this


    EXCELLENT. Remember people, he was the one who exposed Bush and the idiotic war YEARS before anyone else would even LISTEN. SICKO is a F*CKED UP MOVIE and exposes our government for their corporate a$$ F*ckings over the years.

  6. PEREZ says – reply to this


    #3 - alli says: first!

    Alli you douchebag lesbian. Get off my site!!!

  7. spyon says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is a pompous ahole!!!!
    that fat bastard should hang himself!!

  8. combustion says – reply to this


    Moores a fat windbag with no facts to back his claims…. as usual.

  9. Ramon says – reply to this


    Ummm, from what I saw, Dr. Gupta had his way with Michael Moore, laughing and mocking him while beating him down with facts. All Moore could do is rant and rave like he normally does. BTW when Dr. Gupta was in Iraq, he actually performed emergency surgery on a soldier and saved his life, I doubt Michael Moore has saved anyone's life, including his own considering all the Big Macs he eats.

  10. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is an extremeist freak that needs some serious healthcare himself….in the form of a gastric bypass.

  11. Sarah says – reply to this


    I think it's funny they are arguing over political garbage. Maybe they should focus on efforts of what the film is about, helping those who don't have access to health care. This was a waste of time!

  12. BETH DITTO says – reply to this



  13. spyon says – reply to this


    PS Perez I thought so highly of you….that is until you sided with this asshole!! you should really stick to criticizing harmless celebrities/fashion and stay out of politics….not your forte!!

  14. canadian says – reply to this



  15. amy says – reply to this


    If you think we shouldn't have universal healthcare, you're an idiot. I hope you grandma gets patient dumped and your baby dies because your insurance was not approved. Then maybe you will change your mind.

  16. glug67 says – reply to this


    I HATE CNN ! ! !! !
    TE QUIEROOOOOOOOOO MUCHOOOOOOOO MICHAEL ! ! you too PEREZ, muackssssssssssssss ;)

  17. LisaL says – reply to this


    Moore is just a big fatass dumbfuck attention whore. Oh there is SOME truth to his movies, but he's just some extremist moron that only wants to get the truth out there so long as it's HIS truth.

  18. Frank says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is a great guy. We need many more like him to fix this goddamned country. I hope Michael keeps it up and gets even LOUDER and in more peoples faces. It's time to wake up all of the morons in this country.

  19. boingtravesty says – reply to this


    michael moore is a big wind festooned with fudge-facts, but he blows in the right direction…the discussion starts and ends with the mercilessness of privatized health care. i live in canada and hellz yeah, it's a better system, and hellz yeah, we pay more taxes for it, but just try and take it away from us.

  20. Betty Bitch says – reply to this


    Sanjay Gupta is correct the taxes in Europe are anywhere between 60-70%!! My friends in Holland pay over 70% in taxes. There is no one size fits all here. I like Michael Moore's movie; however, he's too shrill in this interview and I think that hurts his cause.

  21. Matthew says – reply to this


    Michael Moore only wants to help us. But the backwoods rednecks won't let that happen. They think spending money to kill people instead of free medical care is the BETTER PURCHASE. And this doctor only was on and was probably paid by the government to SCARE U Out of a basic human RIGHT as AMERICANS. Think about it. Cuba has free medical care LOL And we're supposed to hate them, REMEMBER?

  22. LisaL says – reply to this


    UGH.. Ok I could only watch one of the clips. I can't deal with Moore's blubbery butt.
    He got owned by that other guy. Other guy gives facts, all Moore can do "That's not true, that's not true" and then starts spewing off crap that the other guy once again proves to be only selective fact getting on Moore's part.

  23. GO says – reply to this


    Micheal speaks truth to power. You can tell because all anyone can say to "discredit" him is to call him fat. I don't care how fat he is, he's one of the only people telling truth and has been telling the truth from the get go. How's that Iraq war going people?

  24. Shahah says – reply to this


    great perez, judging by your readers response, you are entertaining kids here. Pretty serious problem and only rich self centred kids would write crap comments trashing Micheal Moore based on his weight.

  25. Yo Mamma says – reply to this


    I gotta say on this one– 1 Gupta, 0 Moore.
    Sorry. Calls 'em as I sees 'em.

  26. melissa says – reply to this


    I just want to say that even though I agree (for the most part) with Michael's point of veiw, as a Canadian I will say that our health care is not perfact. However, something need to be done for the American people that are not well of finacialy. The USA has to much differance between thr rich and the poor, here in Canada we are all the same when it comes to health care. Its time America stops catering to the rich and neglecting the poor… aren't you all american?

  27. Matthew says – reply to this


    With all the taxed u would pay, it'd still be less than if u were insured by a private company who really would send u on your way if u were dying. All cuz they don't wanna lose their money so they can go on vacation.

    America. Wake.The.Fuck.Up.

  28. Julia says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is a moran. I could make a movie that is biased if I wanted to pick and choose which facts to use…anybody can do that…try to lead a nation and make people think by using actual straight forward information. He is as bad as anyone he critizes.

  29. melissa says – reply to this


    I just want to say that even though I agree (for the most part) with Michael's point of veiw, as a Canadian I will say that our health care is not perfact. However, something need to be done for the American people that are not well off finacialy. The USA has to much differance between the rich and the poor, here in Canada we are all the same when it comes to health care. Its time America stops catering to the rich and neglecting the poor… aren't you all american?

  30. britt says – reply to this


    i love how the only critique that michael moore haters can muster is that "he's fat" and "doesn't have any support to back his claims." if you believe that the latter is true, then you clearly haven't seen any of his movies and you're just repeating shit that you're dumbass republican parents have said (which they probably got from FOX news). no SHIT his films are biased–it's a persuasive documentary, asshats. the purpose is to prove a specific point or provide social commentary. and his weight has nothing to do with anything. be a little more creative with your insults next time, fuck faces.

  31. me says – reply to this


    any cubans that beg to differ? tell us how great your healthcare was - go see the movie - cubans know it ain't like that

  32. Sharon says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, THANK YOU so much for putting these Michael Moore videos up. I hope people open their minds and really think about the direction this country goes. Appreciate it!!!


  33. Con dolcezza says – reply to this


    Yes Perez stay out of politics and economy. If you side with Michael Moore and Rosie (fire doesn't melt steel)O' Donnell just show how you can't deal with facts and experts opinions- just like your "heroes".

    I live in a country with socialized health care. The results are: chaos, huge deficits, not enough doctors or nurses, long waiting lists for appointments or surgeries (1 year more or less), cities without health centers because the government assumes it's "expensive", etc. If you want an appointment in an health center you have to be in the center at 5 am though it opens at 8 am.
    At least i'm allowed to have a private health insurance (only 40 euros a months!!!), but i am forced to pay taxes for the NHS.
    And if you are amazed with the bureaucracy of the health insurances companies you should know that NHS bureaucracy is far far worse.

  34. canadian says – reply to this


    Betty Bitch, your friends in Holland have you fooled…they don't pay 70% in taxes - no country in the world requires that from their citizens!! Even in the UK where I believe the tax rate is the highest, it's only 21%. Before you criticize MM, get your own facts straight. I'd rather pay 14% taxes (in Canada) and know that when I give birth to my child I don't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for it all in the end and bringing my child into an impoverished environment. For a country that supposedly has it all, the United States sure doesn't have much to show for it.

  35. Matt*hew says – reply to this


    Apparently u need a "sophistacted" point of view to realize AMERICA is retarded.

    This guy uses facial expression to TRY and come back. Why would higher taxes be so bad if WE ALL HAVE FREE HEALTH CARE? Honestly.

    If u haven't seen the movie, then u can't talk.

    Until then. I suggest u take your fingers out of your pussies and go see it :-*

  36. Perez Hilton says – reply to this


    Sharon shut your beak. I didn't ask for your opinion.

  37. Sally says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is THE MAN!


  38. Tammy says – reply to this


    Do all fat people stick together?

  39. Francine McBean says – reply to this


    I thought Michael Moore came across as an inarticulate windbag. Dr. Gupta is calm, collected, confident and knows what he's talking about. He knows the facts because he IS a doctor and has firsthand knowledge of the health care system, insurers, patients, etc. He almost seems sorry for that idiot Moore, who is the type of person (extremely obese) who ends up overtaxing the health care system.

  40. gilly says – reply to this


    Wow….I'm Canadian and apparently our health care is free?! Thats awesome. So all the money I have been paying for perscriptions and innoculations and vaccinations and procedures NOT covered by my province are going to be reimbursed to me? SIIICK.

    Michael Moore is a fucking idiot.

  41. Matt*hew says – reply to this


    The direction that America is going down is very DARK one.
    Every single politician (including the president) have received money from insurance companies (now, do u see why they are against socialized medicine?) It's all about MONEY not HEALTH.

    Ur death=MONEY IN THE BANK

  42. Dallas says – reply to this



    Dr.Gupta came prepapred. He was calm and factual. Mr. Moore whom I love BTW was hysterical. I've lived abroad before and healthcare is not free. Free in the sense you do not come out of your pocket but you pay for it in extremely high taxes.

    In the US, if you need an angioplast done, it happens within hours to one day max. Canadians might wait days up to a few weeks. Mr.Moore actually attacked someone who agreed with him. Dr. Gupta just pointed out some minor inaccuracies.

  43. MIKE D says – reply to this


    You are a fucking idiot if you don't agree with Moore. Look at his website you fucking lazy bastards and check the facts yourself. Or just be an idiotic opinionated retard that only checks out Perez for what's really important. I hope you become homeless and die from a cold.

  44. MIKE D says – reply to this


    You are a fucking idiot if you don't agree with Moore. Look at his website you fucking lazy bastards and check the facts yourself. Or, you can just be an idiotic opinionated retard that only checks out Perez for what's really important. I hope you become homeless and die from a cold.

  45. kay says – reply to this


    lol i had no idea so many children come to your site, perez.

  46. honeydoo says – reply to this


    true Europeans pay more taxes but they do indeed get much better care than people in America,at the end of the day I'd rather pay more but get good care.Illegals with all the food stamps are waisting all the money hospitals and clinics should be getting and HMO's should be more regulated by the govt but hell the Gvt's a bunch of lying,stealing,cheating,child molesting,warmongers,manipulative mofo's so you can't trust nofuckingbody to do the right thing.

  47. YankeeGrrl says – reply to this


    Perez…go back to sleep and wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed…sheeeesh!!! love ya but uhm….shut up :) LOL

    LOVE MICHAEL MOOOORE!!! mas mas mas miguel mas ;)

    gupta can bite me. DId anyone see him on Bill Maher?? He looked retarded!

  48. canadian says – reply to this


    Dr. Gupta came across as an individual who fudged his own facts in order to appease the Bush Administration (much like CNN, overall). With the upcoming elections, many political parties would have a lot to lose if the majority of Americans (finally) stand up and take a stand against your below-par heathcare system. THINK ABOUT IT.

  49. RatifiumAngelis says – reply to this


    Facts. Facts. Facts. It’s all about the facts, right?

    Facts are the easy part. The hard part is discerning between right and wrong.

    For example, the fact are that a full-scale government-sponsored military operation with the support of Arab militias known as the Janjaweed, aimed at annihilating the African tribes in the region of Darfur is the fifth genocide perpetrated since WWII. I can hide behind the facts and say ‘It’s a problem in Africa, it doesn’t affect me or my job.’ And you know what? I’m right – and the facts support me.

    But, there is another fact that isn’t talked about on CNN or by the President or by Congress. There are other FACTs that we don’t talk about in our churches or around our dinner table. The FACT that it’s WRONG. The FACT that it requires our OUTRAGE. The FACT that it requires our ACTION.

    So, while we’re busy debating the facts with the little ‘f’ – let’s not lose sight of the big FACTS- it’s immoral to not take action.

  50. KELLY says – reply to this



  51. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Thank you sooo much for showing this. I love Michael Moore. I am actually from Canada myself, and very thankful that Michael made a point to show that our wait times are NOT as extreme as the rest of the world thinks. I can call my doctor now and either see him today or tomorrow at the latest. Of course emergency rooms are busier, therefore the wait is longer. I hope that the US really does learn something from his movie and consider changing their healthcare. I couldn't imagine being sick and having to worry about money, it is the last thing on my mind when I go to the doctors. Love this site so much. xoxox

  52. jessie says – reply to this


    #9 - Dr. Gupta is a doctor, he saves lives, IT'S HIS JOB

    #21 - taxes are based on salary, sliding scale styles. If your friend is taxed 70% that is because he/she makes loads of monies.

    The rest of you who are reacting negatively towards Moore are seriously under-read, and under-educated.

    I am Canadian, and I come from a family that has had some serious health issues, operations yearly for my little bro. I cannot imagine having to worry about paying for this. I do not care about wait times, or how high my taxes are, I care that I KNOW my brother will receive treatment today, tomorrow and for the rest of his life, no matter his financial situation.

    Anyone who is a Moore detractor is selfish. The point of the movie is a serious life and death issue, and all this fact-checking nit picking is insane. How about all of you go do your research and come back to comment. And care more about your fellow human beings.

  53. Diane says – reply to this


    As much as I like Moore's movie, watching him debate with this guy is painful. I found myself yelling at the screen "Shut up!". Moore was out of control. As many liberal beliefs as I have, watching all this spew out of his extremist mouth makes me wince.

  54. Mike says – reply to this


    I think Michael Moore is the only american left that i respect!People who talk shit about him are just so ignorant and pathetic.

  55. lhm says – reply to this


    Moore distorts the facts - pure and simple. He's made a FORTUNE doing so. He's all about creating controversy which creates PUBLICITY for Mike Moore which in turn pours American dollars into his overstuffed pockets. He CHOOSES to live in the greatest country in the world - and like a tick he sucks it for all it's worth. A parasite.

  56. Annie says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is more corrupt than our entire government. He picks and chooses which facts he wants to include in order to make his point. When if he would report the real facts, the real statistics then he wouldn't get any publicity. He didn’t talk about how in Cuba prescription medication is almost NEVER available and simple items such as Aspirin and Band-Aids are almost non-existent. Or the fact that a few years ago over 10,000 women joined together to sue Canada because they were put on a "wait list" for radiation treatment for their breast cancer. Since the wait times are so long in Canada, many people have to go out of pocket to come to the United States to get treatment. We have the best doctors, and the best technological advancements in medicine. I am not saying our Health Insurance System couldn’t be better, but Michael Moore wants us to believe that we will receive better medical treatment if we go to another country. MICHAEL MOORE SHOULD MOVE TO CUBA THEN!!!

  57. Wake Up! says – reply to this


    To all you ignorant fucks who think that Michael Moore is an "attention whore" or an "extremist", WAKE UP!! I bet you haven't even seen his movie. There are major problems with not only the health care system, but with our government as well. Michael Moore is great because he uses his skills in order to expose the truth, and the truth is that America is dictated by a small elite group of CEOs, military generals, and political leaders. Think about it… Michael Moore exposes the truth behind the fact that Insurance companies run the health care system; the CEOs of these companies are billionares because they deny claim after claim. They can go to sleep at night knowing that a kid was denied treatment for leukemia so that they can drive that brand new ferrari. So to those of you who say that Michael Moore is anything but great, open your eyes. I mean doesn't it bother you to be decieved and cheated???

  58. norton says – reply to this


    *Gilly… RIGHT ON. *Canadian? You are a fucking moron. I'm a dual and have been trough both health care systems. You wanna talk below-par? People die waiting for healthcare in Canada you dipshit. And, why has every god-damn PM attended the Mayo Clinic for their health needs? Michael Moron is the LAST person to be talking about health care and health issues in the US. Do you think maybe he's a fatass because he's a bloated asshole with a big mouth and too much money? He's a classic "do as I say, not as I do" cunt.

  59. spyon says – reply to this


    Imagine…..a world with no Liberals!!!!!

  60. Thanks Mike says – reply to this


    hmmmm. You know what really bothers me? The fact that most of the ppl on this site and on this thread have probably not even seen Sicko. That film is so terrible to watch. The suffering of millions of our coutry depicted in this film is nauseating

  61. canadian says – reply to this


    Annie, are you on crack? The wait times in Canada are FAR from extreme! My family has had to undergo several operations and treatments and all wait times were fair and no one I know ever nearly died from having to wait to be helped. And as for going to the States to get treatment? You're joking right? Why would any of us go to the States and pay out of pocket (hundreds upon thousands of dollars) when we're already paying for coverage via taxes?! And receieve fantastic treatment in the end?! There is no defense for what is occuring in your country currently.

  62. mary says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez! I agree w/ you Larry should shut up and so should Gupta! You are wonderful for not only having so much fashion sense but also for being so smart and seeing that Michael Moore is good for our country!

  63. rochelle says – reply to this


    Sanjay won—he is soooo sexy

  64. Aaron says – reply to this


    All I have to say, as a man from England, is Moore is right. Your system sucks.

    Your paying more on insurance than you would via a tax. Your losing out.

  65. Lara says – reply to this


    #40 Francis McBean

    I am a medical student, the vast majority of doctors are frustrated and enraged by the system. One rich CNN reporter who obviously isn't working full time in the american system does not speak for doctors.
    Regardless, Guptas bit really does nothing to take away from the strength of Moore's documentary. Just because Moore used different sources doesn't mean facts are fudged. Recent sources are always better.

  66. Another Canadian says – reply to this


    As a Canadian I can comment on our health care system. It is a fantastic system until you get ill. I have lost friends and relatives to cancer and heart problems because they couldn't get the needed healthcare in time. Many go to the US and pay cash to save their lives. What a wonderful system! The left wing says there shouldn't be a 2 tier system. If someone is willing to pay for healthcare at a private facility doesn't that free up a spot in the public system for someone not willing to pay? The bottom line is Michael Moore is a left wing extremist and extremism in any form is dangerous and harmful.

  67. arlis says – reply to this


    Well, that was…anti-climatic. I think that the US government should provide healthcare coverage for all citizens. Will it be free? Technically, no, it won't be. But think about it this way, how would you like it if you had to pay everytime you needed the fire dept. or the police dept…or an ambulance? There are some things that taxes should cover and heathcare should be one of them. Can you imagine being sick and unable to get treatment because of the lack of health insurance…in America? Losing your job (and your health benefits) in America could be the death of you.

  68. HERE'S AN IDEA... says – reply to this


    I KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO! Let's become exact replicas of the Cuban system in every way. So we can get "free medical care" but also: jailed or killed for speaking out against the government, forced to work whatever job the govt wants and get paid meager pay for it, not be allowed freedom of religion, and on and on and on. Communism! Yes - I am sure all of you clueless uneducated people would just flourish over there. THIS WEBSITE wouldn't even exist along with a million other luxuries we have in this country. Then we will see how happy you are with your "Free Medical Care".

  69. Lara says – reply to this


    You better wake up if you don't think uninsured americans aren't waiting for care. So you got good insurance, congratulations, that doesn't mean the system isn't failing millions of people every year.

    As for the mayo clinic, you are just wrong.

  70. stasia says – reply to this


    They both bring up good points, but unfotunately Michael Moore lacks the class and credibility of Sanjay Gupta.

  71. havoc says – reply to this


    Its called publicity for his film…

    Michael Moore could care less about America or Canada or its people. He doesn't give a shit about healthcare, Bush or guns. He's just in it for the money. He doesn't care if you agree with him or not. Just pay to see his movie. He has no virtue, no character, no conscience, no nothing. He's just found a way to make money.

    Wake up sheeple…..

  72. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I am sorry I really must comment again. I am sitting here wishing I could scream at some of you people who are commenting. If one more person makes a comment about how long wait times are in Canada I am going to lose it! Like Moore said himself, if you remove almost 50 million people from a line (ie. the ones with no healthcare in the states) then OF COURSE wait times are much shorter. I don't know about you guys, but I feel much better knowing that myself, the rich, the poor, ANYONE in Canada, can go see a doctor tomorrow and not be paying money out of their pockets for the priviledge of getting checked out. And to reply to the girl who said she was from Canada and was unaware we call it FREE healthcare even though you have to pay for prescriptions, give me a fucking break. It is called FREE healhCARE not free health-products. Of course if you actually need medicine that can't all be free, but the care you get IS!! And if you work and have ANY sort of benefits through your job, generally you pay a much lower cost for prescriptions or you pay money up front for them and get a large percentage of it BACK!

  73. I have an IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    I KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO! Let's become exact replicas of the Cuban system in every way. So we can get "free medical care" but also: jailed or killed for speaking out against the government, forced to work whatever job the govt wants and get paid meager pay for it, not be allowed freedom of religion, and on and on and on. Communism! Yes - I am sure all of you clueless uneducated people would just flourish over there. THIS WEBSITE wouldn't even exist along with a million other luxuries we have in this country. Then we will see how happy you are with your "Free Medical Care".

  74. jeanthebean says – reply to this


    Dr. Gupta owned on Michael Mooron. He was so pissed because he doesn't like to challenged or criticized. Notice that everytime he lost the argument to Gupta, he would bring up the war in Iraq. I couldn't believe he had the gall to tell people to go to his website for the "facts." There's a documentary about Michael Moore, made by liberals who were fans of his. When they started to make it, and looked into his movies, they were surprised to find that there were major inconsistencies. I agree our healthcare system needs improvement, but I don't agree with his solution. I would have more respect for his messages he he would present with 100% accuracy instead of fudging the truth for his own agenda.

  75. www.bonzasheila.com -vintage eCards says – reply to this


    As Michael More said during the 'interview' - it was sad he had to spend the time debating Gupta, rather than talking about the subject of the film. Larry King is a joke as an interviewer. Only half of the show was even devoted to them, and whether you agree with Moore or not, the subject deserves a lot more attention from the press - the other half of King's hour-long show was devoted to a couple's domestic drama, which may have been interesting, but the American public would have been better served (and I certainly would have watched) if they'd devoted the entire hour to Moore's film.

    Pharmaceutical companies, for-profit insurance companies, and other organizations with an interest in the Behemoth that is the American health care industry are among the top advertisers on CNN; is it any wonder they don't want to really address the dialog to the real issue? -47 million Americans with no insurance, and millions more paying crippling premiums and co-pays, and a profit-driven industry that denies coverage even to people who have insurance.

  76. Americans scare me... says – reply to this


    I'm not sure if we're dealing with 12 year olds here who do not have to pay their way yet or fully grown adults who are just morons, but listen to yourselves. "Michael Moore is a fat fuck" or "Moore's a fat windbag", yes we have some really intelligent people commenting don't we?
    Yes Canada's healthcare is free (in a sense) as I am Canadian I am happy about that. It's a load off of my shoulders that I don't have to worry about paying $200 to have my toilet area checked. However, our medicine is not free. If you have benefits or insurance than you're fine but while it's great that you don't have to pay for the appointment some people can't afford the meds that is the result of that appointment. There's pros and cons in all systems and none of them are perfect.
    It's funny how Americans count themselves to be so patriotic and the number one country in the world, but you are so divided amongst yourselves? Even on Perez you are at each other's throats…you're nation is floundering folks. Floundering.

  77. oh boy says – reply to this


    before any more ppl say that moore was "owned" by Gupta, ask yourself if you think if the good doctor gives a sh*t about you and yours. Moore dedicates 5 years to the making of this film: researching, conducting interviews, entrenching himself in the suffering of our nation for the sake of us. The movie's even online for free viewing with his blessings. Poke around, you'll find it. Please watch it.

  78. Malea says – reply to this


    Michael Moore is a huge, disgusting waste of space and should be dropped off in the middle of Iraq with no ammo. That would be weapons of fat ass destruction.

  79. Kari says – reply to this


    Perez-I come here for the gossip, but thank you for posting this exchange. I appreciate you drawing attention to a good and even debate on something that IS so important. I don't think Gupta is the bad guy here though.

  80. fang says – reply to this


    Moore wins…. Gupta looked busted and embarrased the whole time for getting called out on his inaccuracies— the whole thing began with Gupta admitting they had to edit out of his piece a huge error….. meanwhile, unlike Moore– he offers up no solutions.

  81. chula says – reply to this


    I am sure as I write this more people will be reading about Carmen Electras new hair color than this important and terrifying problem. As an American living in Europe I have had exposure to both types of health care systems. Yes there are higher taxes here but there is not ONE person who cannot get medical attention when it is needed. Society here feels it is morally corrupt to deny anybody health care or to make a profit off sick and unhealthy people. What America needs is a reform and who is responsible for this type of reform in such a “democratic” country. You finish the equation…. It’s time for people to look for social changes in the US, to help those less fortunate, to stop widening the socio-economic gap….COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE UP AND START TAKING ACTION!!!

  82. Natalie says – reply to this


    I understand that other countries have to pay higher taxes for their "free" healthcare, but think about it–
    –it would be pretty nice to look for a job and not have to factor in whether a job provides health benefits. People would be less pressured to get stuck in a job and a career because the health insurance benefits are too good to quit. We would have more people doing what they actually WANT to do with their lives.
    –it would also be pretty nice to be able to practice preventative health as opposed to having to wait until something is dire to go to the hospital. Maybe in other countries they have to wait a long time for serious surgery, but they also have the privilige of being able to get annual checkups and maintenance appointments to help prevent serious disease without having to foot the bill. The health disparities based on socio-economic status in this country would be greatly reduced.

    I don't think Michael Moore is spounting any anti-ANYTHING sentiments in his movie. I don't think he's trying to sway the public by intentionally fudging facts. I think the point he is trying to make is this: We have people going without healthcare in American based purely on their financial status, yet tiny little poor countries like Cuba can deal with giving healthcare to anyone, everyone. Why can't America do this?

  83. Sitka says – reply to this


    Healthcare is not a Right!

    It is not my duty to pay higher taxes to pay everyone else's healthcare. I am responsible for me. I don't want the government to run healthcare - it gives them power to restrict and regulate. I want the control over my healthcare.

  84. Gupta's just afraid of losing his salary! says – reply to this


    I've lived in the UK for over 3 years, so I have experienced both privatized and what is often referred to in America as 'socialized' healthcare first hand.

    When I watched this online, it screamed out to me that Dr Gupta is against universal healthcare because he would also lose his hot hot salary. Doctors in the UK are not as rich as they are in the USA. That is a fact.

    In 2001, I had ovarian cancer - so I have a very good view on what healthcare costs can do to someone.

    When I was in Chicago, my income was excellent (prefer not to disclose but it was high) and my insurance was a good PPO through my company.

    I worked for a top consultancy firm, and I had EXCELLENT health insurance.

    Soon after my diagnosis, I had all sorts of questions and enquiries into whether or not the insurance company wanted to "cover my medical costs". The notion that I was paying for my health insurance every month like clockwork and had been with the same plan for over 3 years didn't seem to make any difference at all to them. Nor did the fact that in the 3 year period, I had never even BEEN to the doctor because I was never SICK - and therefore HAD to be the least expensive client they had on the books!!!

    Anyway, my claims were DENIED for 6 months. Thank GOD I had the money set aside to pay for my treatments which were THOUSANDS of dollars in total.

    After loads of unnecessary stress (put upon a cancer patient who didn't frankly need that shit!!) from the insurance companies, I finally won my lawsuit and they were forced to pay up. But the reality is, I had to pay for that fight in ATTORNEY FEES!!!

    I had a heavy hitter for a lawyer, so I knew she would go for their balls and I would win my attorney fees back (and did) - but could most people YOU know afford to do ANY of this?

    Because I only know of about 4 other people in my social circle who could have afforded to be in this same position without drowning financially.

    But this is the plight for a lot of people out there RIGHT now in America.

    When I was growing up, we weren't wealthy people. In fact, I would say we STRUGGLED. My parents had to work very hard for just about everything. So I know how long it takes the average person to pay off a medical bill.

    We all take our health for granted. This is what Health Insurance is about! We buy life insurance, or life assurance as it's called in the UK, just in case we die. When we die, we expect that our loved ones are going to be taken care of to the extent that our coverage was meant to provide for them.

    What if you died one day and paid premiums for decades but then not only did your spouse lose their bread winner, but they also lost the financial means to so much as BURY you after you've gone? Would that be very fair?

    I don't think so.

    Why do we continue to support a system, which although is good in many respects, tends to EAT US ALIVE when we are at our most vulnerable???!

    We live in the contractual lingo age - If I read you the terms of your health or life insurance policy, would it match up with your expectation of what you THOUGHT you signed up for? I bet you'd be surprized. I sure as hell was and I've been to business school.

    In Europe, businesses and especially people who provide services to the public are by law required to write all terms and conditions in what is called "Crystal Clear English". In other words, no legal mumbo jumbo. Just straight talk. A 12 year old could interpret it. And get it right.

    It's not surprizing that so many of us, even the intelligent ones, would be left with no choice but to hire someone to interpret what we signed up for and then defend us in court to get the companies to do what they said they would do in the first place!

    Oh and they will wiggle and squirm until someone MAKES them do what's right. Truth is, most people either are too intimidated or simply don't have the funds to fight insurance companies. Guess where that leaves you?

    I've heard people say things recently about health care reform that make me want to stand up and say - um, do you actually read ANYTHING, or do you just repeat random stuff you've been told all your life?!

    I've even heard one person say, "I'll be happy to donate to charity cases if I choose to, but by God don't MAKE me pay for someone I don't know - because that's not fair".

    Well let me tell you about the National Health Service (NHS) in the Uk - because I want to clear up some of this trash I am reading.

    First of all, a percentage of my income is deducted from my pay each month, which is called National Insurance or NI contributions. It is directly proportionate to what you earn and it's a lot like paying for health insurance every month but there are no co pays and no deductibles. I pay a lot more than most people because I make more money than most people.

    Initially, I was ticked off about that. I mean let me tell you - there are loads of people out there who mooch off the government no matter where you live.

    But when I remembered how people without insurance were treated in my oncology (cancer) clinic, the additional burden of worry, the fears - how some weren't even taking the meds or showing up to clinic every time BECAUSE they weren't clear on what would be picked up by a charity or written off as pro-bono by some of the Doctors there …

    I lost the anger and became a lot more grateful that this is in place here in the UK.

    There are ups and downs to everything. Good points and bad. You will never EVER please everyone and the same applies to healthcare. But like I said, I've experienced both systems - so I'll give you a rather benign comparison of both -

    I had my first daughter, Katie, in America. I had my own private room after a C-Section (which cost me $6,000), pretty decent access to nurses and all the pain meds I wanted. I had a VERY comfy bed and a little button to push when I wanted ANYTHING - even just ice or another pillow or WHATEVER. My prenatal/antenatal care was at a really "swish", flashy OBGYN centre and they had the nicest ladies working there EVER. I even got orange juice while I waited.

    OK So now the UK: I had my second daughter in the UK. I had good surgeons, the C-section and hospital stay cost me NOTHING, I had better care to be honest with you with regard to caring nursing staff (because it is a vocation here rather than a salary thing) and I had to stay on a ward which means no private room. That sucked but I survived. The prenatal care/antenatal care I received was still good - but I wasn't catered to like I was in Chicago - hey not bad considering still cost me NOTHING. I was a little stressed out about it at first because it didn't feel very customer-service based … but in the end it turned out fine.

    My kid has been to A&E - Or the "Emergency Room" as we call it in the USA, more times than I can count for various things and it's not cost us one penny. She gets free eye exams and glasses for kids are free on the NHS. If Katie ever needs glasses, she could break them 500 times in a year and not worry about how mom's going to pay for them or if she's going to have to tape them together until the funds are scraped together (As I ONCE DID!)

    And I know that if someone in our family is very ill, that we will be taken care of and that even though our income level is medium to high, we will not fall between any cracks in the system.

    See, this is my point. We have Medicaid to cover people who are eligible, but what about people who are paying their bills, raising good kids, working hard (both of them) - Mr John Doe whose wife gets sick and suddenly uses mortgage money and money he used to use for groceries at times to pay for things like medicines, after hours care, transportation fees, and doctor fees?

    What about our senior citizens who work at Wal-Mart and places like that until they nearly DROP just because they need the help to pay for their various prescriptions? What about the people who can't work the extra job or whatever so they go without?

    Yeah, they'll END UP on Medicaid or Medicare but to be honest, and I have BEEN there folks, you aren't able to get on these things just because you're AT RISK - you have to lose everything first.

    So just because you've worked hard and stayed off welfare and all that - well sorry about that Mrs Jones, but you need to sell the house and hock your engagement ring first. And then when you go into arrears or better yet how about when they start harassing you for money - oh and your credit is completely ruined - THEN we'll help you out. :) ???!!

    I don't think this is very socially responsible of us.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is, there is no one right system. And there really is no 100% perfect solution.

    So just because you have the 3 times your living expenses in the bank and have a good job with decent health insurance, and have the 2.1 kids and the two car garage - doesn't make you safe.

    For me, health care reform, while it's not perfect - definitely beats the alternative.

    If a candidate is waving this in your face - VOTE FOR THEM. It's about time we stood up for ourselves.


    Oh and one other thing - about waiting times. Yes I might have to wait a couple of weeks for an MRI, and if my surgery isn't that important (like say a knee replacement) I will have to wait a couple of months. But the crap I hear about people waiting years is just complete horse shit.

    Peel the layers of the onion and discover WHY so many wealthy people are against health care reform - and then peel back their facade until you see the fact that they are the ones with a vested interest in the profits made from “health care for profit”.

    Then see if you still oppose health care reform.

  85. Manda says – reply to this


    Fuck CNN!!! These are the people that think Paris Hilton getting out of jail is news. Fuck CNN! Don't trust anybody, if you want facts go out and look for them yourself!

  86. Nina says – reply to this


    Michael Moore has his heart in the right place. Gumpta should be looking for his.

  87. too poor to vote republican says – reply to this


    Thanks for posting these clips, Perez.
    Michael's cornhole truly is damn sexy.

  88. Americans are ignorant fat pigs says – reply to this


    All you dumb brainwashed retard Americans can say is how fat and unattractive Michael Moore is. Who the fuck cares what he looks like, listen to what the man is saying. You're so ignorant it's beyond belief, you don't want to admit that your government is a nest of lies and your country is a piece of shit. Everyone knows it except for your small little brains. If you're going to point out somebody's weight look in the mirror first and stop eating so damn much! You're all so fucking fat and gross because you're all lazy pigs!

  89. mandy says – reply to this


    i'm one of thousands of grad students & grad assistants who can't afford to go to the doctor & live w/ ailments. private health care is corrupt. i know so many people who work hard, college grads - and are scared to go to the doctor b/c they can't afford it. even if you have insurance they try their best not ot pay out. something is wrong here. people with insurance are dying in waiting rooms of hospitals. time for change - it's called PROGRESS. we need to realize that taxes are not bad (althgouth many US tax exemptions are ridiculously catered to the wealthiest few and shit on the rest of us). taxes are our responsibility to our society. they build a strong, balanced society. we can learn a lot from other countires. yes - taxes are 60 or 70% in some European countries - but you don't have 1,000s living on the streets while a select few don't even know what to do with all their cash flow and have mansions all over the world. people that say michael moore is an extremist need to experience real hardship with the healthcare system and stop living with your priviledged head in the sand.

  90. USED TO WORK FOR GOVT says – reply to this



  91. Eugene Debs says – reply to this


    Sanjay Gupta is a lame apologist for the status quo. Michael Moore makes him uncomfortable with that. More power to Moore for that and more.

  92. says – reply to this



  93. Choco14 says – reply to this


    lalalalalalalalala to start with, how dare you people talk about Michael Moore's weight? THAT is NOT what the debate is about! And it's time you stop putting down people because of their weight, that's because of people like you, million of other people struggle with their weight and health, falling in boulemia, anorexia, obesity..etc, just f#cking let them BE!

    secondly, that Doctor Gupta's speech is bullsh#t! And his behaviour (laughing through Michael Moore's comments) is immature. He barely just keep repeating over and over again, the same fake informations from his report! What a joke!

    To finish, if you guys want to believe all the fake informations you're being giving given on tv, and think that your system is good when you clearly know deep down that it is not, and that they're are people dying unfairly, etc, etc…that is your choice, but don't force others to believe it too!


  94. BR says – reply to this


    Whats with all the angry self righteous Canadians???? Id rather have fucked up Healthcare than be without a national identity. Think about it… imagine bein a Canadian and never visting the US… BORING. Bein an American without visiting dull boring Canada …who cares!!!

  95. Deanimal says – reply to this


    MM is a true American patriot!!!

    He has the courage to point out what is wrong with this country so that it can be fixed, rather than just sitting back and allowing things to get even more fucked up.

  96. to #85 says – reply to this


    #85 that is why there is a little something called tax brackets! The less you earn the less you pay….why don't you stay down in that low tax bracket and stop complaining

  97. Choco14 says – reply to this


    By the way, Perez, you're right Larry, SHUT UP!!!
    Go Perez!

  98. :) says – reply to this


    All I gotta say is I feel bad for Gupta's patients. If this bitch can lie so much on national tv imagine what kind of shit he will prescribe to you,.he's probably turned all his patients into Bush supporting robots


  99. Kathy Canada says – reply to this


    Micheal Moore…you americans should be proud to have him protecting you…your own president never has!! We need MORE MICHEAL MOORE!!

    -jealous (of Micheal Moore only) in Canada

    ps: and yes, our health care system ROCKS and we wouldn't change it for the world…(and we'd literally die with a system like yours, no offence, but no thanks)

  100. McKenzie says – reply to this


    it's about time!!!!

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