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Quote Of The Day

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"I've actually become a more violent person since I became a mother, If someone came between me and my kids, they'd be dead meat. So I didn't agree with that particular statement."

- Former Everybody Loves Raymond star, the ultra Republican Patricia Heaton, responding to Sally Field's Emmy acceptance speech

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664 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

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  1. sta says – reply to this











  2. Your Mom goes to college says – reply to this


    I agree!!!!!!

  3. Your Mom goes to college says – reply to this


    I agree!!!!!!

  4. gorgeous says – reply to this


    FIRST =]

  5. blahblah says – reply to this



  6. Anthony says – reply to this


    1ST…I agreed with SALLY FIELD and her speech. So please shut up Patricia Heaton. PS SALLY FIELD DESERVED THAT AWARD SHE IS AMAZING ON BROTHERS AND SISTERS

  7. Charlotte says – reply to this


    what a tool. Sally Field's speech was awesome and COMPLETELY TRUE!!!

  8. Mary says – reply to this


    You go Patricia! I am with you all the way!

  9. kristine says – reply to this


    wake up

  10. ak says – reply to this



  11. Mary says – reply to this


    Absolutely right on Patricia…..astute and insightful comment. Sally Field is an aging hippie who doesn't speak for most women

  12. tom says – reply to this


    finally first

  13. jasper says – reply to this


    She's missing the point. If moms ruled the world they wouldn't want to send their children off to war– especially a pointless one. They would do everything in their power to protect their children Idjit.

  14. Tif says – reply to this



  15. Katie says – reply to this


    she's so ugly.

  16. audrey says – reply to this


    get over it Heaton! They shouldn't have bleeped Sally.

  17. nbc says – reply to this


    OK. Seeing she is so ferocious about her boys, ask her if she would want to send them to war?

  18. Rick says – reply to this


    I love her

  19. bob says – reply to this


    Sally Field should be ashamed of herself. That was not the platform for those comments. I am so sorry she won.

    Thankfully, Patricia Heaton dares to stand up for her beliefs and to make comments out there on the Left Coast.

  20. Tarah says – reply to this


    i agree

  21. Michelle says – reply to this



  22. Mimi says – reply to this


    Well then she's an idiot and missed the mark of Sally Field's brilliant comment. She was talking about mothers worldwide not appreciating sending their kids to war and coming home in piece for man's quest for domination of other cultures, beliefs, land, goods, etc. Spoken like an ignorant woman at best or at worst like a Republican always wanting to spin anything "liberal" sounding into a Republican based way of far right thinking. Patrician Heaton is just "Ann Cuntlier" lite.

  23. nan says – reply to this


    What is wrong with having a conservative viewpoint? We need balance in this world why should everyone be liberal. You never say ultra liberal before you mention Sean Penn's name.

  24. Mel says – reply to this


    Hell ya!

  25. Tif says – reply to this


    Pretzel! You're up early…..

  26. juan says – reply to this


    Someone has a show debuting this week on the same networl. Nuff said.

  27. Kel says – reply to this


    At least the hippies didn't send us to war over oil. At least now we know that Patricia Heaton is a violent right winger, let's send her over to Iraq!!!!

  28. She's an asshole says – reply to this


    I would love to have that tested out.

  29. Amy says – reply to this


    I totally agree with her!!!! You go Patricia!!

  30. L35L13 says – reply to this


    Of course she doesn't agree but doesn't give a reason why we should be in this pointless war. Or wait, we're not at war because no war has been officially declared. I'm fucking sick of American's blindly accepting what others tell them to think without thinking about what's behind it all. All around the world, everyone hates us and I can completely see why.

  31. small mind says – reply to this


    she did not even understand what sally field said dumbass

  32. Kady says – reply to this


    how does the statement she made relate to her being "ultra republican?" i have never read anyone labeled as "ultra liberal" under a negative connotation. perhaps a little more balance for those of us who are little more center of left. thanks.

  33. Faith says – reply to this


    Amen to that! People see mothers as soft, passive people but you think for one minute about a mother bear whose cubs are threatened….she attacks. It needs to stop being about fucking parties and more about or troops and maybe then, there would be less wars!!!!

  34. Racquel the Cuban says – reply to this


    Well said PH.

  35. Mark says – reply to this


    "They Like me, they really really like me" - uh not really Sally.

  36. Cami says – reply to this


    What an idiot! Sally was praising mothers. Are all Republicans that dumb?? Oh yeah, that's right they voted for Bush.

  37. lee says – reply to this


    I LOVE PATRICIA HEATON! she's DEAD ON with her comment!

  38. 2nd Squirrel says – reply to this


    Premptive War for oil is not OK. Stay out of it, comment on Britney instead, ACME Lady

  39. Joey says – reply to this


    She needs to shut the fuck up.

  40. just good comedy says – reply to this


    HIGHlarious! Love it.

  41. Michelle says – reply to this


    HELL YA PATRICIA! That is SOOOO true!!!!

  42. PhilMcCrackin says – reply to this



  43. April says – reply to this


    I find Patricia Heaton to be vile and anything she says is not important because she is not important.

  44. Celeba! says – reply to this


    life is such a blast when you are ugly BUT… have money hA hA hA!

  45. Lisa says – reply to this


    Another idiot who I never heard of riding the coat tails of Sally Fileds who I have heard of.

  46. Party_girl says – reply to this


    PH obviously didn't understand the comment. Way to show your bright side, sweetheart.

  47. david delacroix says – reply to this


    i'm guessing that ms. heaton's pogina is nicer than katie holmes' pogina, not as messy and stinky down there either….and i'm guessing that ms. heaton's children aren't retarded like baby suri

  48. You suck says – reply to this


    You suck because you are a Republican…wait until your kids are
    called to war.

  49. ffdtirtp says – reply to this


    she's a nasty cunt

  50. dodah1 says – reply to this


    Heaton, what made you become a complete idiot? What do you blame that on?

    Heaton is absolute piece of shit. I don't agree with Sally. However, Heaton is a Right wing fascist Stalin-loving fuck face that should be slapped upside her head. Take your propaganda elsewhere Miss! Ugly cunt.

  51. Typical says – reply to this


    She's right that women will get violent to protect their children, but like a typical republican, she doesn't seem to get, or deliberately skews, the point.

    Sally Field was suggesting that mothers value the lives of their children, (keep our military alive), because they could be our sons and daughters.

    What PH conveniently ignored is that a mother won't attack someone who's NOT attacking her child. They would think first "how might I endanger my child's life with my decision to invade a country?"

    PH is a mother. MOTHER FUCKER.

  52. Courtney says – reply to this


    what the fuck? shut your plastic pie hole Patricia! such an annoying bitch she is. I will admit Sally Field was a bit to yappy but whatever. she is the one who won a fucking award, let her have her say

  53. Farout1977 says – reply to this


    There isn't a (decent) mother on this planet that wouldn't take down a mountain for her children…but I don't think any (decent) mother would start a war that her children would be potential casualties of, either. To sum it up, Patricia Heaton's face is stretched too tight and I think it's affecting her ability to put a sentence together that makes any sense at all. Her poor children have a Nazi for a mother!!!

  54. A Mom of Three says – reply to this


    I agree that she missed the point. While I can totally relate to the idea of protecting your children (I feel the same way) I do think that it also gives a different perspective on war. If you want to protect your children, you wouldn't send them to war. So, she's talking about individual situations and Sally Field is talking about violence in a more global way.

    Whether you agree with Field or not, it's her right to talk about it. And Heaton just really misses the point.

  55. her quote doesn't make sense says – reply to this


    isn't she agreeing with sally field in a roundabout way? sally field was speaking about protecting our families…I'm not picking up what this broad is laying down…republicans will always find a way to disagree with anything that is in the least bit liberal, even whe its true.

  56. First Bitches says – reply to this


    I think it would have been more appropriate for Sally if the only thing she said for her acceptance speach was…..
    FIRST BITCHES! That would have said it all!

    And by the way…..FIRST BITCHES!

  57. BERMUDA BOY says – reply to this


    I really dislike this woman, not only for her political beleifs, which are sort of Nazi inpsired, but she has the attitude that everyone else is wrong. I listened to her rant on that dumb ass Bill O'reilly's show once and all she did was complain about Hollywood and the horrors of being associated with those Liberals, you know what Patricia, go back to being just another average face in the crowd and get off of television and out of Hollywood, you will not be missed. I am sincerely hoping her new show bombs big time.

  58. Cami says – reply to this


    why don't you an all of the other pro war fools enlsit and fight for Bush's "noble" cause. It's not fair that you sit on your fat ass cheering this ill -fated war on from the sidelines. Enlist and see Iraq up close and personal.

  59. britney is my idol says – reply to this


    why does someone automatically become "ultra Republican" as soon as they disagree with something a raving liberal lunatic says? and how could anyone disagree with what she's saying considering shes talking about herself, and not making a blanket statement about all mothers like sally field.
    and by the way, fundamentalist Palestinian mothers celebrate the death of their children, with parades and American flag burning. someone around here should watch the actual news instead of this celebrity bullshit and then think they know everything about the world politics.

  60. maggie says – reply to this


    What a vicious bith. She is not a good role model to her kids. Hitting or acting violence is socially unacceptable. She's actually proud that she's more violent???

  61. tess says – reply to this


    She doesn't know what she's talking about. Of course she wants to protect her kids, does she want them fighting and dying in a USELESS war?????????

  62. I HATE THIS CUNT! says – reply to this


    Patricia is a loser. A BIG TIME LOSER! She's with all those major Fundie fascist Fux Christian organizations that want to rip the Constitution of the United States to shreds. The woman is fucking crazy. Her mouth is like her career — IRRELEVANT. Go home, you Communist Stalinist Nationalist Fascist Nazi dictator lover, who should be thrown into the Middle East amongst those she could find common ground with!

  63. Shel says – reply to this


    WHAT AN IDIOT! And if her beloved Bush wanted to send her children to war, would he be "dead meat"? Uh… wake up sweetie! That was the point of Sally's comment!

  64. Cami says – reply to this


    why don't you an all of the other pro war fools enlist and fight for Bush's "noble" cause. It's not fair that you sit on your fat ass cheering this ill -fated war on from the sidelines. Enlist and see Iraq up close and personal.

  65. dohertyssickkittykat says – reply to this


    what a dumb thing to say. suppose one of her kids got sent off to war one day and died. what if the president came in between her and her kids that way?
    oh yeah, and she's UGLY too.

  66. jennzz says – reply to this


    AWESOME STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. WTF says – reply to this


    That may be true, but at least you would go to war to protect your KIDS, and not because of a bunch of made up reasons to avenge your daddy's failures. That is the material difference. When a mother goes to war, it's for a damn good reason. And when a mother sends her children to another country to die in a war, it's for a damn good reason. Not for "machismo."

  68. Bitch says – reply to this


    Poor Mrs. Heaton, what happened, couldn't blame the 911 widows today like your counterpart mAnn Coulter? Suck my dick you cunt!

  69. arealmother says – reply to this


    Patricia is right and sally is wrong "big time" sally is a fool that could not think of anything too say she doesn't have a single thought of her own thats why she's a good "actor" someone has too write down what she has too say and point her in the right direction she's old and needs too be removed from the stage

  70. Marissa says – reply to this


    Uhm. I don't think she understood what Sally meant. =/ STFU HEATON, you're embarassing yourself!

  71. rol says – reply to this


    true dat!!!

  72. Cami says – reply to this


    Re: Joey – ITA

  73. Lisa says – reply to this


    I agree that Sally Field deserve the award – she is a brilliant actress. HOWEVER, if I went off on an anti-war tirade in the boardroom, I would be fired – it was no the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Liberals are idiots says – reply to this


    Re: Cami
    hey dumb uneducated Cami bitch and her liberal friends,,
    why don't you move to Canada,, France,, Iran,, ?
    that way you can be around people like you,,
    stupid liberal's or crazy taliban you enjoy so much,,
    that way,, we do not have to look at your hairy tree hugging armpitts,,
    have a nice day,,

  75. Lor says – reply to this


    What's wrong with having an opinion. It is scary that Sally Field was sensored because someone didn't agree with her POV. American's have become so apathetic. You bought that war hook, line and sinker because a tyrant used despotic (go look it up) measures to blind your dumb asses. And I am not talking about Saddam. No wonder the world views us as dummies, I mean look at all the time we spend at these stupid fucking blog sites. And for you you fuckers who say "why don't I just leave the U.S.", I say "kiss my liberal ass, this is my country too".

  76. axn jxn says – reply to this


    She concurs. She would do anything to protect her children. Sally Field says the same…….Would protect them from WAR, as there would not be one….
    Patricia Heaton is and always has been a cocky moron….

  77. Cami says – reply to this


    Re: arealmother

    If you support the war why not enlist and fight for Bush's noble cause. It's not fair to stand on the sidelines and cheer it on. Enlist and see Iraq up close and personal. Here you go 1800-GO-ARMY!

  78. ax jxn says – reply to this


    Patricia Heaton is lost in space and place………

  79. bleau says – reply to this


    I think the meaning with Sally Field is that if mothers ruled the world we wouldn't have any wars is because we, as women, are conditioned to be peacemakers. We want everyone to get along. Mothers run the household that has MANY sub-jobs that can get changed on a daily basis. We would go in, clean up (figuratively), and agressively encourage people to TALK. With men, it's all about ego. My gun is bigger than your gun. My opinion is right and I'm going to make you agree with me using my big gun. EGO! Sure women/mothers have ego, but we don't let our lives be run by it. We live with it, not FOR it. Of course a mother would defend her children against an enemy, but we're talking about a war that was started on lies. Okay, enough of me. Love ya Perezita!


  80. italian girl says – reply to this



  81. Cami says – reply to this


    Re: jennzz – Are you a dumbass in real life or do you just play one online?

  82. Dawn says – reply to this


    .. She was talking about mothers worldwide not appreciating sending their kids to war and coming home in piece for man’s quest for domination of other cultures, beliefs, land, goods, etc.

    Sorry..when did Sally say all this? I didn't hear all that. Oh! Maybe it was bleeped by the vast right wing conspiracy! *shudder*

    No one heard what Ms. Field may or may not have *meant*. What we heard was her ignorant, one line mini-rant that offended a lot of people.

  83. Jen says – reply to this


    Why do celebrities think they are so friggin special???? Why is their pov so much more valued than the rest of the public??? Especially during an awards presentation. Your are a friggin actor… What have you ever done for this country??? Give me a break

  84. Hyde says – reply to this


    Oh Jesus, Sally Field is not brilliant. This war is about oil-if you're so against it, quit driving your SUV/gas-guzzler sports car. If you're not doing that, you're supporting the war. Fucking morons.

  85. bleau says – reply to this


    Re: nbc – ABSOFREAKENLUTELY NBC! Ask her "that" question!

  86. Cleo says – reply to this


    So would she send her boys off to war? I don't see how being violent to protect your children is the same as sending them off to die in a war. Maybe she should have thought about that before she opened her mouth. She has boys right? When are they signing up?

  87. Pretty_Princess says – reply to this


    UGH! I loved her as Debra on Raymond! And I love that show! But in real life she is not some funny loveable mom; she is a conservative wackjob. Very disappointing.
    She and Elizabitch should get together…. and die. How's that for violent, bitch?
    So does this mean if Doubya drafted her kids to die for oil, he would be "dead meat"? Does this also mean she would support the mothers of all the young men and women who died in OILAQ if they wanted Doubya to be "dead meat"?
    Of course not, because, like all conservatives, she is a HYPOCRITE. So she should SHUT THE FUCK UP and live QUIETLY in her hypocritical world where her kids go to fancy schools while other (poor) mothers' kids die to make the rich richer.

  88. hey dumbasses! says – reply to this


    for all you idiots out there that think the war is over oil then you are sadly misinformed! 9/11/01 would NEVER OF HAPPENED had that assclown clinton done his job instead of interns! remember when the carrier was hit by the terrorist in a boat and rammed it into them? that was under clinton's watch not bush, remember the other bombings…under clintons watch too! before you bash someone for supporting the president, you should do some fuckin research and not take the word of some fat slob carpet munch dyke like rosie o, or so over the hill past her prime wanna be hack like saggy fields! if anyone disputes these facts then i challenge you to research and prove me wrong. of course that wont happen cuz left wing losers like you dont have the testicular fortitude to do that. cowards! i think patricia heaton is awesome for standing her ground! fuck saggy fields!

  89. c says – reply to this


    She is anti abortion and pro war….smart lady. NOT

  90. sj says – reply to this


    The coment Patricia Heaton made is so off base. Most mothers would do anything to protect their children. We need peace in this world. The Iraqi people had nothing to do with 9-11. This war is wrong and I'm glad people like Sally Field aren't afraid to say it. Wake up America. We need to stop fighting and start healing. That is when our children will be safe

  91. mark wallace says – reply to this


    What a stupid person Patricia Heaton is..couldn't stand her in ELR and even dislke her more now…

  92. pottymouth says – reply to this


    Patricia Heaton is one serious cunt, I hate her and if it wasnt for Frasier I wouldnt watch that new show she's on…she's fucking repugnant…think Nancy Grace with a sitcom !!

  93. Cleo says – reply to this


    Re: jennzz
    If Sally Field is so washed up then why did she win? It's her third, and she has been nominated 7 times. And at least she is working. I think Patricia better sign her boys up as soon as they hit 18, put her money where her mouth is so to speak. Or is it just OK to send other people's children off to die?

  94. thebestmoms.com says – reply to this


    She's such a fucking idiot. Its like she doesn't understand the statement or something. Of course as a mother you are more likely to get violent if your child is threatened-THAT IS WHY IF THE WORLD WERE RULED BY MOTHERS THERE WOULD BE NO FUCKING WAR-WE WOULD NOT SEND OUR CHILDREN OFF TO DIE ESPECIALLY IN A POINTLESS WAR LIKE THE ONE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!! Her fake tits have made her stupid.

  95. I'mTakingTheDogDumbass says – reply to this


    Patricia Heaton's response is a contradiction in typical republican style. She knows what Sally Field said was the truth. Notice how she twists the political comment from Sally Field and segregates only an aspect of it, then uses only that particular aspect to appear as though she speaking from the stand point of a loving mother. Sneaky media whore, I think she knew exactly what she was saying BUT as is always the case with the republicans - you can see right through the bullshit spin. Bottom line is, even though she is quoted as saying, "I didn't agree with that particular comment," she IS in fact agreeing with Sally with the admission she makes prior to trying to negate her comment. If none of this is true, then GD is she a stupid cunt.

  96. Cami says – reply to this


    Re: Liberals are idiots – Why aren't you in Iraq you chickenshit coward! Just like you master Bush and Prick Cheney ran away when it was their time to serve you're doing the same thing. You can talk tough , but you won't get off your fat, lazy ass and fight! All you can do is make excuses as to why you can't serve. 1800-GO-ARMY!

  97. Kristen says – reply to this


    I actually think Ms. Heaton and Ms. Field agree on the most important point - as women we would rather go to Iraq ourselves then send our children into that danger. So why not end the war and make everyone happy?

  98. Kt says – reply to this



  99. YOURANSWER says – reply to this


    Re: italian girl – AND WE DONT' CARE MUCH FOR YOU EITHER

  100. L says – reply to this


    Someone please attack her for daring to have a opinion-you know-the same way all liberals get attacked for an opinion!

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