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Pretty (Wo)Man News Archive

Ooh La La! Key West Has A (Wo)Man!

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key west's resident pretty (wo)man pippy no stockings

A vision!

A Perezilicious reader sent us this pic of Key West's very own Pretty (Wo)Man! Seems this he/she is a virtuoso, as he/she performs for people everyday atop that bucket throne for the Sunset Festival!


We shall name her Pippy No Stockings! We wonder what magical tunes come trolling out from his guitar!

Someone send us some vid!!!

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Vintage Pretty (Wo)Man!!!

| Filed under: Pretty (Wo)Man


Be still our beating hearts! Straight from 1995, here is our beloved he/she in all his/her glory!

A Perezlicious reader sent us this gem of a pHOto, featuring herself getting up-close and personal with Pretty (Wo)Man's hairy tittays!

We had no idea that (Wo)Man was such an icon for so long! Look at the full head of weave! He's FABOOSH!

And look! He's still wearing the training bra! We gather he hasn't taken it off in the last decade and a half! (Plus, we had no idea he had a kinky side! Nice file-clipped nip, BB!)

We're in utter awe! What a magnificent specimen to behold, even in his/her youth!

Loves it!

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Hey Miami Beach! Look At Your (Wo)Man!!!

| Filed under: Pretty (Wo)Man


Straight from a tranny bat cave, here is Miami's own Pretty (Wo)Man!

A Perezlicious reader was out and about in South Beach over the weekend and stumbled upon this he/she wonder!

Few things that make this (Wo)Man that much more magnificent! For one, his mask fits seamlessly with the rest of the outfit he dug up from the dumpster behind Children's Place.

Two, he clearly has a good thing going, since her breasts seem to be lactating dollar bills.

Three, he's toothless. 'Nough said!

But the most amazing thing we've noticed about this delightful (Wo)Man is that he is married! Check out the band, bitches! Ha!

There's someone out there for everyone! Amazeballs!

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Pretty (Wo)Man & His/Her Pretty Pooch And Parrot!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueZportzAubrey O'DayPretty (Wo)Man


Party at the US Open!

A Perezilicious reader saw this faboosh Pretty (Wo)Man enjoying the festivities of this year's US Open! We didn't know Hagrid had a gay twin brother!

But what we are more enamored with than his Chita Rivera dress are his adorable tiny friends! Look at that squawker perched so lovingly on his/her head! Polly want a new owner?!

And check out the pooch! His master must have invested in the Aubrey O'Day special for him! But while it's certainly a look for this Pretty Creepy (Wo)Man, we wished he left his furry friend alone. Poor thing looks downright miserable! (Just like O'Day's puppy!)

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A (Wo)Man For Every City!

| Filed under: Silly!Pretty (Wo)Man


Loves it!

One of our Perezcilicious readers from the Empire State sent us these shots of their version of Pretty (Wo)Man!

It's a bit colder in the Big Apple, so she isn't sporting the iconic ripped bicycle shorts that our beloved he/she tends to wear, but she's got something new to marvel at: the sickest beard we have ever seen!

It's like he dipped his face in a Skittles bag! Amazing!!!

Plus there are the shoes, mismatching socks and a weave that would make Kim Zolciak pant with desire!

We're in awe! He/She is beautiful!

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OMG! A Bearded (Wo)Man From England!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaPretty (Wo)Man



One of our Perezilicious readers from across the pond sent us these FABOOSH pictures of the apparently infamous Pretty (Wo)Man of England.

We're told here name is Brenda and her official title is The Bearded Lady Of Guildford!

She's marvelous!

Recognize everyone! (Wo)mans are international!

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Hell Yes! Toronto Has A (Wo)Man!

| Filed under: CanadialandPretty (Wo)Man


Really, everyone should! They bring such joy and bliss into your life!

Check out this Pretty (Wo)Man that hails from up north in Toronto! She's a bit more formally dressed than our own beloved he/she, but we imagine it is much colder up in Canada. Got to keep those bee-stings nice and toasty!

And killer mary-janes, BB! We didn't think they made those in size 13 Mens!


Thanks to our Perezilicous reader, Claire, for sending this in!

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