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Pretty (Wo)Man

Vintage Pretty (Wo)Man!!!

Be still our beating hearts! Straight from 1995, here is our beloved he/she in all his/her glory!
A Perezlicious reader sent us this gem of a pHOto, featuring herself getting up-close and personal with Pretty (Wo)Man’s hairy tittays!
We had no idea that (Wo)Man was such an icon for so long! Look at the full head of weave! He’s FABOOSH!
And look! He’s still wearing the training bra! We gather he hasn’t taken it off in the last decade and a half! (Plus, we had no idea he had a kinky side! Nice file-clipped nip, BB!)
We’re in utter awe! What a magnificent specimen to behold, even in his/her youth!
Loves it!

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Sep 30, 2010 14:10pm PDT

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