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Labradoodle News Archive

Police Respond To 911 Call After Neighbors Mistake Dog For A Lion!

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Someone HELP this woman!!! She's being attacked by CUTENESS!!!

Meet Charlie, a Norfolk VA labradoodle who thought life was grand and sweet and full of rainbows….

That before he went to jail…for looking like a lion!!!!!

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Fan Pet Of The Day

| Filed under: PetsCuteness!LabradoodleDogFan Pet Of The Day


Today's Fan Pet of the Day is…Louie!

Teddyhilton.com reader Frank lovie-luvs his Labradoodle and we ADORE this cutie too!

Louie-Louie-Louie-Louie! Louie-Louie-Louie-Louieye!

This pup should have his own TV show too!!! We're pretty his GAWRGEOUSness would win a few Emmys alone!

So CUTEz! We need to have a labradoodle party RIGHT NOW!

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Science Says Hypoallergenic Dogs Technically Don't Exist

| Filed under: HealthScience!LabradoodleDogpoodlePortuguese Water Dog


Damn you, Science! Why must you always ruin everything with your facts and number and analysis?!?!


A recent study showed that dogs deemed hypoallergenic, like Labradoodles, poodles, and Portuguese and Spanish Water Dogs, have MORE allergy causing proteins than

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Kelly Clarkson Cried "Like A Little Girl" When She Lost Her Labradoodle

| Filed under: Kelly ClarksonTeddy HiltonLabradoodleDog


And rightfully so! We'd be heartbroken if we lost Teddy!

Kelly Clarkson had a less than envious start to the new year when she lost her one year old mini labradoodle Joplin.

She was in Oklahoma with best buds Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Miranda Lambert when her sis called with the bad news.

Clarkson said the following:

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

| Filed under: HealthLabradoodleTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney has some advice Teddy reader, Kristen, who asks:

"My doodles name is Stella, aka "Beast" - Shes so big and shes still a puppy, about to be 3 yrs old in September, When she gets excited she jumps and jumps high! How can we get her to stop, especially when we have young kids for neighbors?

Also, she has a constant craving for bread and butter, or other things on the counter, they are easy access for her, any advice there?!?!

Last one, she seems to dislike swimming/water… anyways we can get her used to it?!"

Dr. Patrick's answer:

As "doodles" (Golden-, Labra-, etc) are energetic and medium to large sized pooches, we have to be extra vigilant in working on their less than ideal behaviors to promote a peaceful and safe household.

As I am not a dog trainer (I am a dog, after all), it is best that you pursue some real-time guidance from a reliable trainer in your area. Perhaps you know of neighboring dog owners that have needed some help with unruly pooches. I'd also contact Stella's breeder for a specific suggestion of a trainer that has helped Stella's cousins in the past.

As for the jumping, turn your back on Stella's attempts to jump and ignore her (for just a short time, until she calms down). If you don't give Stella the attention she craves, she will be less inclined to jump up in the first place.

Regarding her tendency to counter surf, she can potentially cause herself life threatening illness from dietary indiscretion (eating things she should not), so make sure no one in your household leaves anything tasty up on the counter. If she has a place where she likes to spend time (her crate, dog bed, etc), then reward her with praise and (maybe) a dog or other healthy food treat for sitting/staying calmly in that spot.

Since behavior problems can ultimately manifest as physical health problems, it is best to be vigilant in resolving them. Consistency is the key, so often YOU need to be trained as to how to best deal with Stella's behaviors on a day to day basis.

Do U need pet advice? Click HERE to tweet your question for Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

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Obese Dog's Weight Loss Plan

| Filed under: HealthLabradoodleDog

Been there!

Samson, perhaps one of Australia's most obese dogs, is put on a strict
diet to shed some weight half his boy mass, before he's considered healthy.

It's not the pooches fault, his old owners used to feed him human food (pizza and pies), which — you should know — is totally bad for you dog.

We wish Samson the best of luck on this diet!

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A Popular Pooch

| Filed under: PetsLabradoodle


This pup has more facebook friends than a lot of people we know!

Bocker, a 7-year old Labradoodle has been a star since he was 18 months old, he has starred in photoshoots and TV shows…now he is showing us all how popular he really is!

His owner, Marie Shelton, says that "Producers have told me that he is even easier to work with than humans."

What a good dog!

He is known for his signature head tilt, it can be seen in high-profile fashion shoots such as for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and ads for Barney’s New York.

Some of his television work includes the Animal Planet show Dogs 101, as well as a small stint on The View, where he got a bubble bath from Joy Behar.

Bocker, along with being a star is involved in many charity organizations and loves to help out. Since he was young, he has been a part of Therapy Dogs International, in which he visits hospitals, schools, boys and girls clubs, and senior centers.

He is also a member of the Tail Wagging Tutor program, which helps elementary school children read.

One of the major things he has done in the past year was lend his time to be the spokesdog for the organization Dogs in Party Hats, a contest and fund-raiser for the nonprofit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Clearly Bocker has a packed social calendar, but he does manage to keep his fans updates on facebook!

Also, keep an eye out for his book, it is set to come out early next year!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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