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Michael Phelps Swaps His Speedo For A Louis Vuitton Suit

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It's Michael Phelps like you've never seen him before: clothed!

Another image from the now retired swimmer's Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign has surfaced, and even though he's Speedo-less the ad is epic.

For the second shot

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Michael Phelps Shows Off His Speedo In New Louis Vuitton Ad

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We never thought water and Louis Vuitton went together, until now!

A new ad featuring Michael Phelps has hit the web and it's banana hammock-tastic!

The most decorated Olympian was shot by Annie Leibovitz, just chillin’ in a bathtub wearing nothing more than his Speedo and goggles.

And because a soak in the tub wouldn't be complete without one, a monogrammed Louis V duffel bag lays on the floor next to him.

Kinda random, but we appreciate the Speedo!


[Image via Annie Leibovitz / Louis Vuitton.]

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Phelps Will Wear Speedos For 4 More Years

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Looks like Michael Phelps will be strutin' his stuff and competing in a Speedo for another 4 years.

The aquatic label, owned by The Warnaco Group, has decided to renew their contract with Fishy Phelps, despite the whole Bong-Gate ordeal and most recently driving with a suspended license.

In the upcoming months, Speedo will unveil some new swimwear that follows the rules that were recently put in place by FINA, the governing body of swimming.

There's been lots to do over whether or not the type of suit helped aid swimmers break 43 world records at the world championships in Rome.

The updated swimwear will feature "jams", which will extend from the hipbone to knee rather than the ankle. Sounds fancy!

And for the ladies, an open-back suit rather than ones that fully cover the back. We know those girls have great looking backs, they deserve to show it off!

“The thing I like about next year is that swimming is going to be about swimming again,” he said. “The coverage and the headlines aren’t going to be about who wore this suit and who that suit."

We still think people are going to be talking about what swimmers wear, especially if there's a hot bod stuffed in it!

[Image via PR Photos.]

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