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Cute Puppy Catch Fail!!

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Pupppppy! This is the cutest lil fuzzball everrr!

This little pooch was just sitting all pretty, watching as her owner waved a pink toy around.

Her owner was trying to teach her how to play catch so she counted down and threw the toy!

What happened next??

We're not just gonna tell you OBVI!

Check out the video (above) to see how this puppy does at her first time playing catch!

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Monkeys Recognize Each Other's EPIC Fails!

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Just more proof that monkeys could be our distant cousins!

A study by Japan's Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology found that monkeys have triggers in their brains that recognize other monkeys' mistake.

In layman's terms: Monkeys know when other monkeys do EPIC FAILS!!!

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NYPD Blue Writer Facing Jail After Committing Doggie-cide

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This guy used to write about the police department!!! Now look at him!

Ted Shuttleworth is facing jail time after punching his poodle in the head and killing her.

The former NYPD Blue writer took the animal to the vet but an injury like this doesn't go with investigation.

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Kansas City Tries To Break Dog Parade Record…Fails….HARD!

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Kansas City wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a way that wasn't conventional.

What better way could there be than using Chihuahuas?! In costumes!

On second thought…

The city wanted to break the dog parade parade record of 700 dogs marching together.

And the results???

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Fail Kitten! Cat In Bag Falls Off Counter!

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This cutie kitty is having the some fun in a shopping bag.

Then gravity takes over…causing Moto to go for a tumble.

Hopefully, he didn't get hurt!

Check out the video (above) to see this kitty's epic fail!

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Cat Fails To Jump Across Bathtub

Filed under: CatAwwwwwFunny

Awwww, poor kitty!

That cat really didn’t like the water.

Luckily it made it out before it got too clean. LOLz.

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Dog Cremation Fail

Filed under: R.I.P.Scary!Dog

Tough week!

A Virginia man who apparently tried to dispose of his dead dog's body by burning it wound up setting his house on fire Tuesday.

The dog's owner couldn't fit the huge deceased Rottweiler in his car or find anyone to pick it up.

So he did what any normal person would do (jk) and decided to burn the dog.

Sadly, the only thing that burnt was the man's home. Srsly, the dog didn't burn at all!

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